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At lean we specialise in making time consuming processes quick, manageable and efficient. While your Legacy systems may have played a large role in your previous business success today, they may be costing you much more than you may realise. We aim to reduce your expenditure of resources by giving you the tools to stay on top. Our experienced team have been operating since 2010, and have work with clients such as Nissan, Invesco in the US and a growing number of UK law firms. We equally support small firms and many companies worldwide and provide excellent support to all of our clients.


Excel Database Tasks (EDT)

Excel Database Tasks Excel Database tasks drives down project development time and failed solutions, and pushes user efficiency and satisfaction to its maximum potential. EDT combines the power of Microsoft Excel with your chosen database system to create hassle free data editing/transfer processing tasks. Process data sets, contents of files (CSV/Excel) or even process image files such a post room scans.

Unlike any other Database front end, Excel Database tasks empowers the user to safely process data sets without having to program a specialist interface.

Conveyancing Workflows  -   P4W Partner for Windows 

Advanced collaborative workflows - companies may struggle to create really good P4W workflows - save years of development and costs with Lean Software's pre-built Conveyancing workflows.

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GAIL -   P4W Partner for Windows

Generic Awaiting Item Logic - GAIL Introduction



FormSnips.com showcases the FormSnips software and the online version is free to use.

FormSnips provides fast form-fill using drag and drop to web or app forms with any data.  

With system integration options to pass data to your frequently used web forms.  Productive and accurate form filling.

See FormSnips.com for details - and try it out.

You can run your own private FormSnips system within your company using the Intranet Version of FormSnips available to purchase download from the link below:


Perfect Portal - SQL Server Integration

Enabling Clients to quickly integrate Partner for Windows Case Management system with Perfect Portal.




Partner SQL Search 

Enables you to search Partner Question & Answer data, and SQL objects.

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