Excel Database Tasks (EDT) Download

Excel Database Tasks V5.x (Production)



For Microsoft Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 - 32Bit or 64Bit

Version 5.0.121, 5th DEC 2018 

Manual or Network Install (ZIP file) :



EDT 5.0 Features

Version 5 is all about performance improvements, however there are also some new features resulting from client requests.

  • 30 to 40% performance improvement - when comparing to EDT V4.0.200 (dependent on task complexity and use of SQL lookups)
  • New Immediate Send option, useful for data edit type tasks where row edits are immediately sent to the database, rather having to click Validate then Send.
  • New feature - Global Parameters - new merge parameters that can be included in any SQL or Connection string.  Example uses might be an entire connection string, a server name, a folder path or any common string you wish to use across multiple tasks, making global changes an easier maintenance task.

Global Parameters are accessed from the EDT Global Settings ribbon icon:

Global Parameters can be used anywhere where the insert parameter icon ( ) is available, such as Connection strings, any SQL and even column format hyperlinks.

You could have an entire connection string as a parameter or just portions of it – a server name for example.

The insert merge code code dialogue has a new drop down – Global Parameter


Global merge codes have the format {XL-MergeGlobal:VariableName}.


  • New system option - Disable online licence check, to support systems where an internet connection is not available or is intermittent.


EDT 5.0 Release history

EDT 5.0.121 05/12/2018 Validation error when Immediate Validation not used in Task design

EDT 5.0.120 03/12/2018 Lookup column functionality - initial lookup on data load was only working for User type columns

EDT 5.0.116 26/11/2018 New task option (Interface options) Confirm Change task when incomplete.  By default when switching to a different task EDT will prompt for confirmation if there are unsaved changes.  Un-checking this task level option will suppress this prompt.

EDT 5.0.115 22/11/2018 Excessive delay when modifying a task resolved.  Maximise window by default on Task Modify.

EDT 5.0.114 22/11/2018 Error message resolved : Error 9 [Subscript out of range] Line: 50 in procedure GatherRowValues of Module modEDT_GlobalMethods.

EDT 5.0.113 21/11/2018 Amendments Global Parameters functionality.

EDT 5.0.109 14/11/2018 Initial V5 release.

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