Excel Database Tasks V4.x [Production]


Version 4.0.207

05th SEP 2018 

Automatic install :

Manual or 
Network Install 
(ZIP file) :



Production release 

For Microsoft Excel 2007,2010, 2013, 2016, 32Bit or 64Bit

EDT 4.0 Release history

EDT 4.0.207 05/09/2018 Error found within when changing tabs within task configuration. This may relate to multi-monitor setup.  Debugged on client machine as we were unable to recreate the issue locally.

EDT 4.0.205 04/09/2018 Reports with groupings now default to level 2 collapsed.   Fixed issue for older 32 bit machines running Excel 2007. Allow for Wide Task Parameters - task parameters now autofit to longest value. 

EDT 4.0.200 29/06/2018 SQL Lookup columns that have option 'Set value to first in list' now set the value and correctly when the lookup relies on another column value (merge code within SQL referencing another column value).  The the dependent column is modified the lookup correctly resets.

EDT 4.0.192 06/06/2018 Allow blank in Lookups to be valid. Copy paste multiple cells functionality corrected. Progress backup/restore also preserves values of lookups and re-runs validation on restore. Automatic SQL modified to correctly specify NULL rather than NNULL since support for Unicode string was added.

EDT 4.0.169 1/12/2017 When draagging values accross multiple cells not all rows would be validated - affecting 4.0.168 only.

EDT 4.0.168 1/12/2017 When inserting an Excel formula manually into task data sheet the value would be calculated but the formula would be removed.  In addition some tasks with lookup lists might cause the row error messages to be duplictaed.

EDT 4.0.164  27/11/2017 Fixed incorrect column highlighted red when data loaded containing a validation error.

EDT 4.0.163  26/10/2017 Fixed project error on load (only affecting EDT 4.0.160 on some clients)

EDT 4.0.160  27/09/2017 15:04 GMT : Modified Workstation serial numbers to be a combination of {domain name}+{machine name}.   Non domain machines use the Hard Disk serial number + machine name.    For this to take effect for a workstation you need to de-Register using the MyLicences page, then restart EDT and re-register the workstation.  This change does not affect existing workstation registrations.  This  change is to help users running EDT on virtual machines.

EDT 4.0.155  9/08/2017 10:00 GMT : Client requested new option for SQL Lookup lists : A new action has been added for 'when a cell value does not represent an available option from a drop down list'.  The new option is 'Change cell value to the first in the list' which automatically resets invalid cell values for SQL Lookup columns or task parameters.   This is very useful when you have dynamic SQL in the lookup that includes a merge code that refers to another column or parameter - as in the example below.

EDT 4.0.154  2/08/2017 14:20 GMT : Windows update cause error Task Create or Modify - "Error 70 [Permission denied]"

EDT 4.0.148  27/06/2017 18:00 GMT : App Launch Non critical "IDispatch" popup messages removed 

EDT 4.0.142 01/03/2017 08:35 GMT : Query timeout set to unlimited

EDT 4.0.141 09/01/2017 14:35 GMT : Fixed problem with 64 Bit machine but running Excel 2010 32 Bit version of Excel 

EDT 4.0.133 30/11/2016 17:10 GMT: Export functionality - Export to Word caused an error on Excel 2007 (only).

EDT 4.0.129 29/11/2016 17:30 GMT: added Export functionality : either formatted or unformatted to Excel, Word, PDF, Tab delimited, Comma Delimited, XML and HTM (Web page) formats :

With formating :

The default Export folder can be defined at task level, within the Interface Section of Task maintenance :

This functionality is especially useful for EDT Report type tasks.

EDT 4.0.125 19/11/2016 15:15 GMT: First Release of V4 

Office 365 Support (Excel 2016 Desktop version)

Faster interface and processing

Schema.INI support

Progress file backup functionality (Save your work mid Task)

Command Line operation

Excel Database Tasks V3.3.x [Professional Edition]


Last Version Released  


19th NOV 2016 





 V3.3.x Professional Edition - Production release 

For Microsoft Excel 2007,2010, 2013, 32Bit or 64Bit

EDT 3.3 Release history

EDT 3.3.324 19/11/2016 15:15 GMT: bug fixes 1) - when applying a bold or custom color to column headings the heading background would always appear white. 2) Drop down now resized to a width slightly smaller than the current column width to ensure the cell Grab handle is still available for mouse drag-fill operation. 3) Dropdown font 1 point smaller than current cell to improve visibility of drop down content.

EDT 3.3.322 19/11/2016 12:47 GMT: bug fixes 1) 'Text' format on columns allowing leading zeros (for example) would not apply correctly.  2) Total Rows number in the Ribbon (previously out by 1).  3) Task 'Save As' function - this would fail if a different task folder was selected.

EDT 3.3.321 19/11/2016 11:15 GMT: Considerable performance boost to in cell validation time

EDT 3.3.319 17/11/2016 13:22 GMT: Modification to possibly help with error "Can't find DLL Entry point for GetTickCount"

EDT 3.3.318 16/11/2016 13:22 GMT: Schema.INI file creation would fail on some machines - path included double backslash.  Only affecting V 3.3.316

EDT 3.3.316 15/11/2016 12:10 GMT: New feature - Allow Schema.INI file support with Dynamic import Filenames.

Schema.INI files are useful to guarantee the text file driver or JET driver interpretation of the data.

EDT generates a default Schema.INI layout for you from reading the data source, then allows you to modify as you require.

Crucially this works when a task has a dynamic source filename.

EDT 3.3.314 15/11/2016 12:10 GMT: Reported error 'unable to locate GetTickCount' may be resolved in this version. 

EDT 3.3.311 8/11/2016 20:36 GMT: New SQL Lookup Option  : 'Run SQL for every row to obtain an initial value'.  In recent previous versions the SQL would always execute for each row; significantly affecting performance.

EDT 3.3.306 13/10/2016 15:16 GMT: When the task data source returned no rows and when using Excel data validation formula, an error would occur on task load.

EDT 3.3.287 6/10/2016 15:16 GMT: Problem data import tasks not setting status to 'Ready for database Validation' solved. 

EDT 3.3.283 15/09/2016 08:16 GMT: Problem 'subscript of of range' error when saving an Task. 

EDT 3.3.282 18/08/2016 07:58 GMT: For Russian or other non Western language - added defualt Code Page for task configuration files to "UTF-16" - this can be changed if required in Global settings.  Include support for Unicode SQL Server statement generation by including the "N" prefix to unicode text for example:  N'Нам лорэм зигнёфэрумквюы ыт'

EDT 3.3.280 05/08/2016 22:44 GMT: For Russian or other language - added Code Page selection in Global settings.  Fixed formula local version.  Fixed bug when re-arranging columns (affecting v.278 only)

EDT 3.3.278 05/08/2016 09:00 GMT: Performance improvements to data load.

EDT 3.3.277 27/07/2016 15:00 GMT: When using Lookup SQL List and task has no data, when pasting data the generated Row SQL may not have the correct Key value.

EDT 3.3.274 25/07/2016 18:00 GMT: When using Lookup SQL List and task has no data, when manually adding data the lookup may incorrectly show invalid value.

EDT 3.3.268 5/07/2016 12:43 GMT: EDT would Exit when loading a task - only affecting version 3.3.267

EDT 3.3.267 5/07/2016 12:43 GMT: First Release of EDT containing the Beta version of the EDT command line utility EDTCmdLine.EXE.

or details of how to schedule EDT Tasks and send Email notifications, please see this help page :


EDT 3.3.247 5/07/2016 11:52 GMT: Data source and Data connection Test button did not use the edited connection string.

EDT 3.3.244 28/06/2016 15:46 GMT: When modifying the destination Connection string a message 'Could not set text property' would sometimes appear, although not affecting functionality.  In addition when changing the destination connection string the Data Source connection string would be reset to blank.

EDT 3.3.242 21/06/2016 17:00 GMT: Resolved paste data to a drop down column as the clipboard would be cleared when navigating to the column; not affecting all versions of Windows - but notably Windows Server versions.

EDT 3.3.230 11/06/2016 11:00 GMT: Minor modification to help with a paste data issue involving a lookup column as source and destination.

EDT 3.3.229 10/06/2016 17:45 GMT: If Active Directory returned an error for when testing Group Memberships on startup, the remaining groups would not be tested.  This would have the ebirffect that Tasks restricted by AD Task membership may not be listed.  

EDT 3.3.227 09/06/2016 15::20 GMT: Stored procedure SQL incorrectly validating the row following an invalid row. Clipboard was being cleared when navigating to/from a column containing a drop down list.

EDT 3.3.223 24/05/2016 17:33 GMT: Merge Parameters within SQL data source would cause ODBC error when editing a task, although this did not prevent task operation or ability to edit the Task.    When using a Stored Procedure as a destination, and Continue past first error batch option the stored procedure error messages were not displayed correctly. 

EDT 3.3.216 12/05/2016 14:30 GMT: Save Progress ribbon function  - if user cancelled from filename selection then error would occur.

EDT 3.3.215 12/05/2016 13:38 GMT: Lookup drop down error [Object variable or With block variable not set] Line: 520 in procedure ApplyValueLookup  - only affecting 3.2.214

EDT 3.3.214 11/05/2016 15:20 GMT: Resolved _TEXT and _ID lookup merge codes were not merging when the merge value was an empty string.

EDT 3.3.213 29/04/2016 20:30 GMT: Resolved EDT Strat issue with the 64 bit version MS Excel. Affecting 3.3.198 onwards.

EDT 3.3.208 22/04/2016 18:05 GMT: Resolved the error message 13 Type Mismatch in in procedure GetWorksheetsADOX of Module modEDT_GlobalMethods.  The error did not affect task operation.

EDT 3.3.207 22/04/2016 14:15 GMT: Performance improvement for SQL lookup columns.

EDT 3.3.203 19/04/2016 12:15 GMT: Save progress Ribbon feature: corrected an error on Load Progress file for Excel 2010.

EDT 3.3.201 18/04/2016 22:00 GMT: Save progress Ribbon feature: added sub menu icons and added EDT Global Setting 'Progress Backup' folder location.

EDT 3.3.198 08/04/2016 16:11 GMT: Corrected ribbon icon for Freeze Pains -  affecting 3.3.196 only.

EDT 3.3.196 08/04/2016 14:50 GMT: EDT Startup Error 13 [Type mismatch] Line: 50 in procedure SetDefaultThemeAttributes  resolved. 

EDT 3.3.187 31/03/2016 21:00 GMT: Conditional formatting functionality corrected (affected version 3.3.182 onwards only) . 

EDT 3.3.182 29/03/2016 16:00 GMT: On some Excel 2013 machines 'black cells' might appear on the Task input parameters worksheet. 

EDT 3.3.175 7/10/2015 13:45 GMT: Licencing model changed to support Citrix type environments.  EDT Licencing uses the environment variable 'ClientName' that is set by to the local users machine and is set by remote desktop / citrix software. 

EDT 3.3.169 23/09/2015 21:00 GMT: Fixed lookup connection 'Retry' prompt that would occur when switching between two tasks that both have SQL based task parameters.
EDT 3.3.167 23/09/2015 21:00 GMT: Fixed configuration column alignment on Windows 10 machines
EDT 3.3.166 19/09/2015 21:00 GMT: Removed the beta Global Parameter section from the Global Settings - a feature to be released in Version 4.0. 
EDT 3.3.164 16/09/2015 21:00 GMT: Removed the default timeout (30 seconds) from Post SQL execution.  There is now no limit, EDT will wait indefinately for the SQL to complete. 
EDT 3.3.160 15/09/2015 16:30 GMT: Issue with Post SQL not running resolved (affecting 157 onwards).
EDT 3.3.158 14/09/2015 14:00 GMT: Removed the test Cancel buttons from the far left of task Configuration form.
EDT 3.3.157 14/09/2015 13:00 GMT: Added new Merge Parameter {XL-merge:EDT_SourceFileName} that can be used when loading data from an excel or text file.   In addition the connection to the Source file is closed before running any Post SQL command, so that any file lock does not interfere with a file Move operation for example with the Post SQL.


EDT 3.3.155 02/09/2015 11:54 GMT: Default Excel formula values not working for SQL lookup lists consisting of key and value pairs..
EDT 3.3.154 23/08/2015 09:32 GMT: Allow blank entry in Fixed lists (non SQL).  Drop down search list comment might no auto hide when clicking another cell.
EDT 3.3.152 22/08/2015 20:56 GMT: 'Application Report to Lean software automatic link to the HelpDesk was not working correctly.
EDT 3.3.150 22/08/2015 19:30 GMT: If no has no initial data - and using Excel validation a non-critical error message would show on task load.
EDT 3.3.145 22/08/2015 15:30 GMT: New feature: User Column Help text : available to the user when hovering the mouse over the column title.  Column help text can be added to the 'Destination Columns' of the task designer.
EDT 3.3.141 22/08/2015 10:45 GMT: Slight screen flicker on task load resolved.  Drop down list would reset on selection if list SQL referenced a column merge code.
EDT 3.3.140 21/08/2015 16:45 GMT: First task parameter would show a red comment symbol in top right of the cell.
EDT 3.3.139 20/08/2015 16:00 GMT: When creating a New task, and adding new task parameters with of the QL lookups, when testing the lookup using the 'Test lookup' option the test function would use the connection from the previously loaded task, rather than the connection from the new task.
EDT 3.3.136 20/08/2015 18:00 GMT: When data contains an apostrophe and 'Merge Number Format' was checked in column options, the apostrophe would not be escaped in the merged SQL sent to the database.  Issue with data column autofit resolved.
EDT 3.3.131 19/08/2015 18:00 GMT: When entering the configuration screen for a task and when the destination is a stored procedure then the app may prompt to import 'mandatory' settings for procedure parameters, the column mandatory setting however is not always necessary when using custom row SQL code. 
EDT 3.3.129 18/08/2015 13:00 GMT: New column Hyperlink options to allow merge codes in both a hyperlink URL and Hyperlink display text.  Corrected functionality for MySQL exec procedure code generation.   Corrected code for ORACLE to auto escape apostrophe in data.  Corrected column auto resizing problems with dropdown lists.
EDT 3.3.125 08/08/2015 13:40 GMT: Excel validation : allow 'Warnings' and 'Information' options as well as 'Stop' options, so a warning can be displayed rather than invalidating the data.   Ensure the 'Show message' option is checked when editing an already configured Validation rule.
EDT 3.3.123 07/08/2015 13:40 GMT: NULL values not always being specified correctly in merged SQL, affecting EDT 3.3.86 onwards.
EDT 3.3.121 07/08/2015 16:00 GMT: If TRIMMED source data is an empty string send as NULL is SQL row operations.
EDT 3.3.119 06/08/2015 16:00 GMT: Where the local decimal separator is not a dot (eg Dutch uses a comma), replace the merged number text decimal separator with a dot.
EDT 3.3.117 06/08/2015 15:00 GMT: Quotation marks appearing around decimal/numeric/integer values in auto generated INSERT SQL.
EDT 3.3.116 06/08/2015 15:00 GMT: Affecting International users (language pack other than US/English).  Cell validation errors would occur on valid data, showing the '#VALUE' message in the Validation column.
EDT 3.3.114 05/08/2015 15:00 GMT: When clicking (data) 'Load' on the EDT Ribbon, the parameter validation was not being fired.  The user had to navigate off the current parameter cell before validation would fire.  A (possible) fix is also included for international users where '#VALUE!' would appear in the Validation status column.  Column auto fit not functioning correctly with multi-line column headers.
EDT 3.3.111 30/07/2015 12:00 GMT: SQL Lookup Search Style columns : drop down resize to small size if SQL resulted in no result.  Additionally Task load now deletes and shapes/images that may have been inadvertently pasted into the application worksheets.
EDT 3.3.108 28/07/2015 10:00 GMT: SQL Lookup columns : drop down would not populate if the task has no data source.
EDT 3.3.105 28/07/2015 15:00 GMT: SQL Lookups not functioning correctly when SQL contains merge codes referring to other lookup cells.  
EDT 3.3.104 24/07/2015 15:00 GMT: First option of drop down lists could not be selected.  
EDT 3.3.96 21/07/2015 10:00 GMT: Single quotation marks were being doubled up in Parameter SQL lookup code.   Added code to centre forms  correctly when running multiple monitors.  Do not show drop down on lookup columns that have the Lock option specified.  New Active Directory button 'View Group Memberships'.  
EDT 3.3.94 10/07/2015 19:00 GMT: New Batch option 'Allow Validation of unmodified rows'.
EDT 3.3.92 10/07/2015 08:00 GMT: Amendment to ensure the Lookup column Key value is set, even if the row has not been modified.
EDT 3.3.90 09/07/2015 11:00 GMT: New task Parameters option 'Minimum number of Parameters that must have values'.
EDT 3.3.87 08/07/2015 20:21 GMT: Amendment to address reported active directory issue.
EDT 3.3.86 08/07/2015 19:50 GMT: Good performance boost for tasks that use SQL lookup columns.  This has been achieved by developing a new super fast technique for obtaining key values for lookup columns.
EDT 3.3.84 07/07/2015 16:50 GMT: Lookup columns not merging the correct 'KEY' value when clicking the Validation button.   Lookup columns not working when a a displayformat was applied to the column - for example leading zeros and the the lookup column values contained leading zeros.
EDT 3.3.80 30/06/2015 10:00 GMT: Display format not being applied on task data load.  Excel column Filter extended to include the Validation Status column.
EDT 3.3.74 27/05/2015 21:33 GMT: Modified task parameters to not remove the SQL 'Where' clause when initially populating.  Whilst this feature enhanced performance it was unworkable with complex SQL.
EDT 3.3.74 27/05/2015 21:33 GMT: Enhanced error message display for task parameters that include an SQL lookup query (dropdown)
EDT 3.3.73 27/05/2015 21:33 GMT: Fix (application error on task edit) only affecting the 32bit version of Office and
EDT 3.3.72 EDT 3.3.72 26/05/2015 21:33 GMT: Fix (application load error) only affecting the 64 bit version of Office 
EDT 3.3.71 15/04/2015 21:33 GMT: Fix (Only affecting EDT 3.3.68) with Excel 2010 the EDT was not visible on load. Excel 2013 users not affected.
EDT 3.3.68 14/04/2015 19:44 GMT: Fix to performance of in column complex SQL lookup lists. App launch speed improved. Foundation code added in preparation for EDT V3.4 release.
EDT 3.3.56 17/03/2015 18:00 GMT: Fix to Parameter lookups - sql lookup parameter data source was not being reset when switching tasks.  When clicking a cell outside of the parameter lookup dropdown, the dropdown would no longer function correctly. EDT 3.3.54 11/03/2015 18:00 GMT:  SAP Sybase Support.   Fix to Parameter hot search feature.
EDT 3.3.40 08/03/2015 18:00 GMT:  Visual FoxPro 9 : correction in auto generated SQL - Dates surrounded by curly brackets and in the unambiguous format {^yyyy-mm-dd}
EDT 3.3.37 06/03/2015 12:00 GMT:  Visual FoxPro 9 Support
EDT 3.3.34 05/03/2015 18:00 GMT:  Multi-line Column headers not displaying correctly, Encrypted task might have caused Overflow Error, Clicking 'New Task' after task edit may did not always function correctly. Protected Connection added to ensure connection has not dropped at the point of Validate or Send data.
EDT 3.3.29 23/02/2015 14:00 GMT:  Modification to address Active Directory issue
EDT 3.3.28 17/02/2015 17:00 GMT:  If the installed application path contained the string '\App' the program would error when saving configuration data
EDT 3.3.27 17/02/2015 17:00 GMT:  When task Encryption was used - print options did not load correctly, causing error on Task Edit
EDT 3.3.17 03/02/2015 22:00 GMT:  Shipped without ActiveX Controls -  resolving startup issue relating Excel 2010 and Windows Update
EDT 3.3.9 02/02/2015 22:00 GMT:  Shipped with ActiveX Controls -  start error relating Excel 2010 and Windows Update
EDT 3.3.8 28/01/2015 22:00 GMT:  When running EDT from a Hyperlink, then task parameters were not cleared on subsequent application load.
EDT 3.3.5 28/01/2015 09:00 GMT:  Initial 3.3 Release


New V3.3 New features 

Hyperlink formatting

Task columns can now have a hyperlink format (clickable cell jumping to an external web or intranet page). 

The new option is available from the column format button :

(click image to enlarge)


In the example above hyperlink is a combination of a valid URL and a Task parameter PostalCode:



The hyperlink format is applied on task load - and here if we now click on the cell the location of the Zip is displayed in the browser:

Clicking this example link takes the user to Google maps at the ZIP location:


Excel import by Sheet Number

When importing Excel data it is sometimes the case the Worksheet names may vary.

In previous versions of EDT the import had to specify a Worksheet name.

A new option has been added to the Data Source tab, that when ticked will allow you to specify the worksheet ordinal number, rather than worksheet name.  EDT uses a special merge code to specify the sheet name, these are replaced by the physical sheet names when data source is queried.

Here is an example - 


In this example the worksheet name in the query is replaced with a merge code {XL-MergeSheetName:1}, if we wanted to select from the second worksheet the merge code would be {XL-MergeSheetName:2} and so on.

Launch EDT via a hyperlink and pass Task Parameters 

An EDT task can be launched from a URL, specifying the Task GUID and task parameters.

URL Syntax :   leanedt:/task: /P1:ParamValue1  /P2: ParamValue2   etc..

Here is a sample HTML page containing hyperlinks to EDT:

When saved as an .htm file we see now this example in a web browser:


Clicking one the hyperlinks loads EDT, then loads the specified task and sets the specified parameter:

The Task GUID can be found and copied from the EDT 'Task File & Security' tab.


Launch EDT from a command file and pass Task Parameters 

In a similar way the EDT_32.exe or EDT_64.exe application can also accept parameters in a similar format :

Version Control and Incremental backup

New Version control and backup options have been added to the Task File tab:

Major, Minor and Revision numbers, with the option to auto increment revision number on task save.

Optional incremental backup will save each revision in a sub directory named 'Backup'.

Backup files are named with the Task name + Version number.


Version History and Designer Log

A new Task tab 'Design Log' has been created to hold version notes and general Task designer notes.

If the the option 'Prompt for Revision note on Save' is set - a popup appears on Task Save :

Speed improvements

As ever we are continually improving performance, so you should also see an improvement in task loading speed.

In particular tasks that involve drop down lists with SQL that contains merge codes has been significantly improved.

ActiveX-less solution

Microsoft Windows update (December 2014) was found to cause issues with Excel applications that contain Active X controls, such as buttons or drop down lists.

To avoid this issue entirely, EDT now ships without containing any Active X controls at all.  The application does use the Active X drop down list but creates this object on start up, thus avoiding any similar future Windows Update issues.


Excel Database Tasks V3.2.x [Professional Edition]

Version Release notes




24th Jan 2015

Production release 

For Microsoft

Excel 2007,2010, and 2013

32Bit & 64Bit

V3.2 Professional Edition - Production release 

3.2 New features
  • Printing options - New print options including any number/combination of headers and footers, plus image/logo positioning.
  • Task subfolders - task sub folders can now be created within the application folder - EDT will automatically search sub-folders and display in the task explorer tree. 
3.2 Minor changes
  • Additional prompts - confirm on task save, confirm on exit EDT
  • Check file Write permissions before task save
  • Print icon added to 'Excel Tools' ribbon
  • Print icon added to File menu

Task Print options:

3.1 new features
  • Performance - V3 is up to 100 times faster than V2
  • Ribbon Interface - natural and intuitive design in line with Microsoft Excel standards
  • Task Explorer - organise tasks into sub levels to any depth, explore the tasks easily with hover over task descriptions
  • Reporting Module - Secure Excel network reporting.  Faster reporting with easy grouping and sub total functions
  • Interface Control - design your companies default scheme at a global level, modify the scheme at task level or column level
  • Power tools - optionally allow tools such as Spell check and search and replace at task level
  • New compatibility - new database compatibility: IBM DB2, Progress OpenEdge.  New data sources :Lotus Notes.  Operating systems :Windows 8.
  • Automatic workstation registration for Domain licence holders

Report sample:


3.1 Problem fixes

  • Long text within wrapped cells would not be vertically justified
  • The 'Update' SQL setting was resetting back to checked on task edit
  • Ribbon was not always expanded - ribbon is now always forced expanded
  • Changing the destination schema would not re-load SQL for the selected object correctly
  • Sometimes Excel crash on EDT exit
  • Total Row count was out by 1 for Report tasks
  • Licence problems where local date format was yyyy/mm/dd
  • Column details would refresh twice when changing destination table or procedure

3.2 Service Release History

V3.2.215 24-01-2015 : 11:40 GMT - Issue affecting Excel 2010 : starting application (Error Application or Object error) resolved - affecting 3.2.200 and above.

V3.2.203 22-01-2015 : 21:25 GMT - Auto delete EXD files - resolving Active-X control problem with windows update

V3.2.200 22-01-2015 : 21:25 GMT - Problem with VBReportError function addressed

V3.2.198 21-01-2015 : 21:25 GMT - Changing a drop down list data row value did not trigger re-evaluate row validation using option 'Immediate row validation'.

V3.2.154 12-11-2014 : 13:15 GMT - SQL Lookup containing a merge code did not validate correctly on initial data load.

V3.2.149 12-11-2014 : 15:05 GMT - SQL Lookup containing a merge code did not re-evaluate when another cell on the same row was modified.

V3.2.145 12-11-2014 : 15:05 GMT - SQL Lookup column validation (ensuring entered value is within the drop down list) would not fire if the column also has a default value excel formula.   Modified SQL Lookup form to enlarge the SQL edit window by moving the Test SQL to a separate popup form.    Allow for a custom sql lookup error message, rather than the default value of 'Value not found in lookup list'.

V3.2.138 12-11-2014 : 20:05 GMT - Error trap added where invalid Excel formula specified for task parameter value.

V3.2.137 03-11-2014 : 22:05 GMT - Write access was required for users on a shared EDT folder.  Write access is still required however on the file 'Licence.XL-DB.xml'.

V3.2.128 22-10-2014 : 20:30 GMT - Saving task issue resolved (affecting 3.2.122 only).

V3.2.122 02-10-2014 : 19:00 GMT - When a Work Column returned one option, and the underlying (default) value was blank, the lookup value would appear in the Validation column.  

V3.2.103 02-10-2014 : 09:20 GMT -  'Build Validation rules' step performance greatly improved for large data sets.  SQL lookup column : SQL builder might error if existing SQL is invalid, now detected with a message box 'Could not parse SQL'.  Reordering data edit task column with drag and drop might cause the automatic data source SQL to be blanked out.  Work column data type would revert to 'Text' on task modify.  When reordering report columns with drag and drop teh generated SQL did not contain field name qualifiers, this only affected reports where column names contain spaces.

V3.2.89 24-09-2014 : 14:30 GMT -   'Load task files' - performance improvements when running EDT with Network shared task folders.  Not listing tasks held in sub folders of the EDT application.

V3.2.81 23-09-2014 : 19:00 GMT -   App may fail to load with "Array contains non-variant type".  Delete task would err after delete confirmation.  Report with subtotals would err if the datasource returned no data.

V3.2.73 21-09-2014 : 13:50 GMT -   Quick launch toolbar appeared below the ribbon, rather than above the ribbon.

V3.2.71 21-09-2014 : 13:50 GMT -   App failed to load on some Windows 7 installations : resolved all reports of this problem.   

V3.2.69 18-09-2014 : 13:50 GMT -   App failed to load on some Windows 7 installations.   When Task config form open, then switching applications then back, configuration form would reload.

V3.2.66  18-09-2014 : 13:50 GMT -   App failed to load on some Windows 7 installations.

V3.2.65  17-09-2014 : 15:29 GMT -   Column headers not visible - affecting 3.2.64 only.

V3.2.64  17-09-2014 : 14:40 GMT -  Performance related problems : the build contained an excessive number of columns, affecting both App load time and task retrieval/validation. On some systems (non UK/US English) error on validation Line : 880 in procedure RSDisplayInputValidationErros of module modEDT_Global methods.

V3.2.54  17-09-2014 : 08:55 GMT -   Possible error "Array contains non-variant type" on startup: resolved.

V3.2.51  15-09-2014 : 23:00 GMT -   Possible error "Array contains non-variant type" on startup: test release.

V3.2.50  10-09-2014 : 23:00 GMT -   Workstation registration affected by performance changes, keyboard input of email address affected.

V3.2.44  05-09-2014 : 12:00 GMT -   Application load time halved.   Non-visible copy of Excel may have resided in Task manager after EDT exit.

V3.2.38  05-09-2014 : 22:00 GMT -   Application losing focus (affecting performance) addressed.

V3.2.29  05-09-2014 : 11:00 GMT -   Error when using task 'Save As' - corrected.

V3.2.28  04-09-2014 : 18:49 GMT -   Corrected date validation for all international languages.

V3.2.25  04-09-2014 : 09:00 GMT -   Corrected registration for date format yyyy-mm-dd.

V3.2.21  03-09-2014 : 22:00 GMT -   Corrected failed upload.

V3.2.16  03-09-2014 : 21:39 GMT - Initial 3.2 release.



Excel Database Tasks V3.1.x [Professional Edition]

Version Release notes





6th Aug 2014

Production release 

For Microsoft

Excel 2007,2010, and 2013

32Bit & 64Bit

V3.1 Professional Edition - Production release 

  • Performance - V3 is up to 100 times faster than V2
  • Ribbon Interface - natural and intuitive design in line with Microsoft Excel standards
  • Task Explorer - organise tasks into sub levels to any depth, explore the tasks easily with hover over task descriptions
  • Reporting Module - Secure Excel network reporting.  Faster reporting with easy grouping and sub total functions
  • Interface Control - design your companies default scheme at a global level, modify the scheme at task level or column level
  • Power tools - optionally allow tools such as Spell check and search and replace at task level
  • New compatibility - new database compatibility: IBM DB2, Progress OpenEdge.  New data sources :Lotus Notes.  Operating systems :Windows 8.
  • Automatic workstation registration for Domain licence holders


Release History:

V3.1.50  06-08-2014  Error when inserting merge code into Report data source SQL when no task parameters defined : resolved.

V3.1.49  06-08-2014  Error when adding Task Parameters to Reports tasks : resolved.

V3.1.45  05-08-2014  'Special' merge codes (such as User name) were case sensitive : resolved.

V3.1.43  05-08-2014  Production Release 

V3.1.42  05-08-2014  Problem with Cascading dropdown list Task Parameters resolved (when one drop down relies on the value of another dropdown).  When saving a task to a different location, error 'could not set text property' resolved.   When switching from a task contain custom destination SQL to task with Auto destination SQL, the wrong SQL would be displayed.  New Special merge codes added : IP Address, External IP Address, User name, Domain Name, Computer name, Workstation ID, EDT Licence Key.

V3.1.9  31-07-2014  Incorrect version specified in installation Setup - not affecting EDT operation : resolved.

V3.1.4  29-07-2014  First V3 Production Release Candidate

Reported & Outstanding :

Excel 2003 version of EDT V3 to be released 2nd week of August 2014

Excel Database Tasks V2.9.3xx [Advanced Schema Edition]

Software title Version Release notes


2nd June 2014

Latest build

For Microsoft

Excel 2003,2007,2010, and 2013

32Bit & 64Bit
2.9 General Production release 

Modifications in this release

  • Full Support for ORACLE - tested with 11g
  • Multiple SQL Server Schema Support
  • New Schema Selection drop down on the task configuration data destination tab:

    New Schema Selection drop down on the task configuration data source tab:

  • Extended Schema Information
  • Extended column properties are now imported into a task definition.
    • Title : obtained from the database column Description property
    • Default Value : excel default value formula is now automatically created from the the database column Default value property
    • Mandatory : Set depending on the database column Allow Nulls property
    These extended properties are automatically imported when creating a new task, saving you time, and are offered as an optional import when configuring an existing task. All or only selected properties can be imported, as shown below :

    Click 'Import' to set task column options to match the database properties.

  • Additional useful features
    • Text length validation : cell entry is now automatically checked for max length compared to the database column data type:

    • Column order : when creating a new task, the initial column order is set to be the same as the underlying table or procedure

    • Data type detail: datatype text length or numeric decimal places is now displayed in the Destination configuration tab

    • System tables and procedures : are no longer displayed in either the destination or source drop down table/procedure list

    • Date handling : dates are converted to generic date format 'yyyy-mm-dd' when sending to the database

  • Issues resolved
    • 2.9.367 : SQL 'UPDATE' option not being loaded correctly into configuration form
    • 2.9.365 : When using column SQL Lookup list, and when a task has no data source (manual entry or pasting data) the lookup list validation was not triggered
    • 2.9.364 : (Oracle) When connecting as System, load time was slow, this has been resolved - now very fast!
    • 2.9.325 : When data destination was a stored procedure, and data source returned no rows, the column headers would duplicate on task reload
    • 2.9.313 : Err Message 3265 : Item cannot be found in collection, may be resolved, awaiting feedback
    • 2.9.300 : Task Configuration : Corrected data type display format for Microsoft Access
    • 2.9.295 : Task Send Operation :  When an Excel formula evaluated to an empty string, the column's merge code would remain in the SQL.
    • 2.9.280 : Previous 2.9 release (2.9.137) would display an error message when pasting data into a task, this did not affect operation of the task

Excel Database Tasks V2.9 [Network Edition]

Software title Version Release notes
EDT V2.9.137

12th Feb 2014

Latest build

For Microsoft

Excel 2003,2007,2010, and 2013

32Bit & 64Bit
Excel Database TasksV2.9 [Network Edition]

General Production release

Modifications in this release

  • New features
    • Interface
      • New 'Save As.. button and 'Manage Task locations' buttons added to Task configuration manager
    • Integration
      • Intranet / Email Hyperlink to EDT
        • EDT can now be launched from a browser or email hyperlink with prefixLeanEDT:
          • The task ID can be passed as a parameter (Task ID can be found on EDT the task configurationMore tab)
          • for examplelean_edt:/task:5C0A45212D834CDD92ED86ADDF91E41A
          • html exampleOpen EDT Task
      • System Command line support using the same syntax:
        • example command lineEDT_32.exe/task:5C0A45212D834CDD92ED86ADDF91E41A
  • 2.9 Issues resolved
    • Modifications to improve support for ACE/JET driver
    • When changing the Source connection, then refreshing the Destination object, the incorrect destination object was listed
    • When an EDT drop down lookup was used, and the source only contained one row, no rows were shown.
  • 2.9.81
    • Cascading lookup lists (one lookup list dependant on another lookup list value), problem with KEY value merge code lookup resolved
  • 2.9.87
    • Corrections for international Languages other than English
  • 2.9.92
    • When using 'Save As..' the task list had to be refreshed to see the renamed task
  • 2.9.108
    • When pasting data into a task that has no datasource, error would occur
  • 2.9.113
    • Minor change to address 'trails' that may be seen when moving or enlarging the task configuration form
  • 2.9.116
    • When creating a new task, error message 'Error 0 [] Line: 0 in procedure Config of Module modEDT_GlobalMethods'' may occur
  • 2.9.121
    • On upgrade. the EDT exe files were not set to read only, as required to preserve digital signature
  • 2.9.137
    • For data transfer tasks -New auto sql feature 'UPDATE if matching row exists'
    • Allow choose key columns for update WHERE clause, rather than relying on the primary key
    • Support for 'hierarchicallists' or 'linked lists'

Excel Database Tasks V2.8 [Network Edition]

Software title Version Release notes
EDT V2.8

19 November 2013

For Microsoft
Excel 2003,2007,2010, and 2013

32Bit & 64Bit

Excel Database TasksV2.8 [Network Edition]

General Production release

Modifications in this release

  • New features
    • Drag and drop
      • Drag and drop column ordering in task configuration, greatly simplifying data transfer tasks
    • Excel 2013:
      • Excel 2013 compatibility - very smooth interface
    • Excel 2007 & 2010 now run in native (not compatibility) mode -
      • Running over ten times faster inmany cases
      • Supports more than 256 columns
    • Network install
      • EDT can now be run from a single network share installation
      • Workstation installation is no longer required
      • Control task access using NT user names or NT Groups
    • New Freeze panes button
      • easily freeze title row, or row status column or both
    • Performance
      • 2.8 has very significant performance boosts
  • Issues resolved
    • Excellent stability after a substantial beta testing program with Nissan Motor Manufacturing
    • When inserting a 'Work column' then clicking the work column the field list would scroll to the top
    • Some error messages may have been experienced when connecting databases in configuration form
    • On a new installation when running for the first time the default password of 'lean' is displayed
  • Notes:
    • 2.8 Beta shipped with utility 'EDT_Start.exe', the utility was designed to determine the local version of Excel and then run the correct version of EDT.In beta testing however it was found that using the utility increased the EDT application load time by an unacceptabledegree.The utility was therefore withdrawn from the final release.

Excel Database Tasks V2.7

Software title Version Release notes
EDT V2.7

09 July 2013


For Microsoft

Office 2003,2007,2010

32Bit & 64Bit

Excel Database TasksV2.7 : general production release

Modifications in this release

  • New features
    • Lookup / drop down list columns :
      • Fixed List or SQL Lookup
      • Supporting relational key/value data
      • Integrated lookup builder
      • Supports merge codes - both row and task parameter merge codes can be inserted into the SQL
    • Immediate row validation
      • New option on the 'Batch' tab
      • Row modifications a re immediately validated with teh database
      • Saving many mouse clicks
      • Validation button is largely redundant when using this option - therefore the option 'Hide validation button' is also provided
    • One click send
      • New user prompt options on the 'More' tab allow you to reduce mouse clicks to just one, when sending data to teh database.
    • Active Directory / NT integration
      • Restrict task access to NT user named or NT Groups
      • Apply Grant or Deny to any combination of user names or group names
    • Auto Filter
      • New Filter button allows easy toggle of Auto filter On/Off
      • Auto Filter settings are remembered between toggle On/Off
      • Filter columns are highlighted
      • Filter expression is displayed above the column title
      • Filter can be applied to the row status - for example display rows in errors only
    • Configuration form layout improvements
      • Configuration tabs have been arranged to make better use of form resizeng - notably the data load and pre & post SQL boxes can be expanded for easier editing.
    • Compact buttons & Tooltips
      • Workstation option 'Show compact buttons' - reduces the application buttons to icons only.
      • Workstation option 'Show button tool tips' -show explanation & hints on mouse hover.
    • Workstation configuration settings file can now be encrypted
  • Issues resolved

    • Excel validation option were not being saved in version 2.5
    • When using a non trusted SQL connection, the user woul dbe prompted multiple time for user name and password.
  • Next planned release -Online Help
  • V3 -
    • Tasks and Sub Tasks - drill down into a sub task from a parent task, for example, customers drill down into customer bills.
    • Report tasks / Stored queries
    • Task scheduling capability - with application command line options

Excel Database Tasks V2.5

Software title Version Release notes
EDT V2.5

19 Feb 2013

Latest build

For Microsoft

Office Excel

32Bit & 64Bit

Excel Database TasksV2.5 - release

Modifications in this release

  • New features
    • 'Send formatted value' :an Excel number format can be applied to a column such as number of decimal places.This new option allows you to send this formatted value to the database rather than the underlying value.
    • Upgrade automation options:
      • Upgrade check from LeanSoftware.net
      • Upgrade check from local network share
    • Button layout improved to maximise available work space
    • Button spacing equal when Clear/Script/Help options enabled/disabled
    • Further performance improvemnets - in tests we can load and validate 10k rows in aprox 2 seconds
    • Hide Excel menus option functions for all versions of Excel
    • 64 bit build - for Microsoft Office 64 Bit
  • Issues resolved

    • Could not edit or paste into connection string when initialy creating a Task
    • If cancel Configuration form, then re-load the selected task - message could not connect to database was received
    • If data source returned no data, validate would not instigate when pasting in new data
    • Button layout problems with certain screen resolutions
    • Microsoft bug 'buttons resize on resolution change' futher addressed
    • Standard SQL security (user name and password) connections would cause connection error
    • When a calculated columns value changes depending on another column, it was not automatically resized when manually entering or pasting data
    • 'Test SQL Merge' button within the conguration worksheet tab button was not visible
    • If the connection string contained Task parameters -the merged connection string was incorrect
  • Next planned release -SQL Lookup columns

Excel Database Tasks V2.4

Software title Version Release notes


28 Jan 2013

For Microsoft



Excel Database TasksV2.4.66- release

Modifications in this release

  • Issue with formula display resolved
  • Issue with 'Default database not found' error resolved



25 Jan 2013

For Microsoft



Excel Database Tasks V2.4.28 - release

Modifications in this release

  • Validation engine redeveloped - now extremely fast
  • Issues resolved

  • Next planned release -SQL Lookup columns & Online Help & 64 bit versions

See blog for details

Excel Database Tasks V2.3

Software title Version Release notes


10th Jan 2013

For Microsoft



Excel Database Tasks V2.3.97 - release

Modifications in this release

  • New option on the 'More' tab - 'Process modified rows only'
  • New feature / solution - 'Process modified rows only' when sending to stored procedure
  • New feature / solution - addressing problems with triggers
  • Issue with Excel 2007-2013 - resolved
  • Issue with DSN name connections - resolved
  • Issue with pasted data not auto resizing columns - resolved
  • Error reports - not completing web error report form correctly - resolved

See blog for details



5th Jan 2013

For Microsoft



Excel Database Tasks V2.3.31 - release candidate

Many great new features in this version :

  • Task Parameters

    • Task parameters can be referenced as merge codes in these area
      • data source SQL code
      • data source connection string
      • data destination SQL code
      • data destination connection string
      • SQL lookup code
      • Destination column titles
      • Pre batch SQL code
      • Post batch SQL code
      • Task parameters can also be referenced in default column values
  • Data Edit Tasks and Edit/Insert Tasks

    • Simply choose a table in the task - it must have at least one key column
    • Update/Insert SQL code is automatically generated
    • Data can be restricted by adding task parameters the user completes on task load - to search or load a range of rows
    • Interface then shows 'white' status for each row, then changes as data is edited to Amber, then Blue when validated, Green when sent
  • Load Data from any datasource - query / CSV file/ stored procedure
    • Data source can be anything that you can connect to via ODBC
      • SQL data from ANY database
      • CSV data using the Microsoft Text driver
  • User help
    • You can now provide the user with task specific instructions
  • Work Column enhancements
    • Work columns can be hidden
    • Data type can be specified with built in type validation
  • New Workstation settings
    • Hide Excel menu's - providing a cleaner/simpler user interface
  • Roaming licences
    • Licences can be moved from one workstation to another at any time

Work in in progress:

  • SQL Lookup Column - for relational data (e.g. a drop down list of options from a related table)
  • Online Help
  • Corporate Image (allow replacing EDT icon with your company logo)
  • Online licence management - allowing licence movement between workstations
  • 64 bit version of EDT 2.3
  • Tested version for Excel 2013

Excel Database Tasks V2

Software title Version Release notes


16th Oct 2012

For Microsoft


32/64 Bit

Excel Database Tasks V2 - beta phase 1 update

Especially important for international and 64 office versions

2.1.114b (32bit and 64bit) update

In this release

Problem fixes for previous beta release:


  1. 64 bit version startup issues have been resolved
  2. Both 32 bit & 64 bit versions encountered installation issues with Office 2010
  3. Progress bar would not appear center screen with multiple monitors
  4. Some international versions(such as Spanish, Portugese) versions of Excel would report error :Invalid Procedure call Line 40 of Workbook Open
  5. Users were unable to manually resize columns
  6. Worksheet was not correctly protected

Further performance boost (Validate or Send process):

100 rows: 0.2 seconds

1000 rows 1.2 seconds

10,000 rows 3.5 seconds

Performance is dependent on your workstation and server specification.



11th October 2012

Excel Database Tasks V2 - beta phase 1 release

2.0.987b (32bit) & 2.0.988b (64bit) update & bug fixes

In this release

Problem fixes for first beta release:


1/when using the task ‘New’ button in the config form it was found that the task GUID (a unique number stored in the task file) would not be correct for the task, it would in fact use the GUID from the previously loaded task.

This has the effect that the main application task dropdown would not always reposition correctly after editing a task.



2/ if a formula was removed from a column in the task configuration the formula would still persist in worksheet



3/ if a formula calculation resulted in an error, modifying the formula in the configuration form would not be reflected in the worksheet




Additional Features:

64 Bit Microsoft Office Support !

New task options -

  • Prevent send until all rows are valid
  • Allow user to modify default formula

New formula editing & testing popup



Monday 8th October 2012

Excel Database Tasks V2 - beta phase 1 release

The beta programme for V2 is being split into two phases, the functionality of each phase is detailed below.


V2 Feature

Beta phase 1

October 2012

Beta phase 2

November 2012

Dramatic performance



Easy to use connection wizard



Integration with Excel data validation



Integration with Excel column display format



Integration with Excel conditional formatting



Encryption of task settings



Support for multiple task locations



New work columns



Formula validation



Column width options: auto/min/max/wrap



Hide / display column



Screen resolution support down to 1024x768



Redesigned task configuration form



New progress indicator showing pass/fail progress and estimated time to complete



Increased row limit to 1 million rows



Version 1 bug fixes



Integrated help



Pre & Post batch SQL



White label allowing replacement of application icon



Initial data load from any source – SQL query CSV or XLS file



Task parameters that can be used as merge codes in any SQL



Edit table data tasks



Network licence option



64 bit office support




Excel Database Tasks V1

Software title Version Release notes


Monday 6th August 2012

Release 1.1.22

New feature - Batch Validation

A new feature has been added to the Task properties.

Row Validation(default)

Rows are validated each within a separate Transaction.

The effect of this is that validation continues for all selected rows.

Batch Validation

Selected rows are validated as a single transaction.

The effect of this is that Validation stops on the first row that is found to be invalid.

Batch Validation is particularly useful when one of your columns contain a unique key and you wish to identify any duplicates using the Validation feature.

Excel to Database


Friday 3rd August 2012

Release 1.1.18

Issues resolved

  • When using custom SQL and Merge codes, only the first occurrence of the merge code would be replaced

Excel to Database


Tuesday 31 July 2012

Release 1.1.16

New Features:

  • Active Legend / Key with status counters and search
  • Allow SQL Connection strings
  • Validate/Send summary
  • Visual FoxPro supported

Modified behaviour

  • Default to NULL for empty values where no default specified

Issues resolved

  • ODBC dialogue unwanted popup (version 1.0.81) caused problems with SQL Server Stored procedure setup
  • Table/Procedure popup too long
  • Microsoft ACE 10.0 Access driver expects field names encapsulated in square brackets
  • Progress bar running above 100%


Release Details

New Features

  • Active Legend

A new Active Legend feature has been introduced :

The Active Legend delivers these new features:

  • displays the number of rows in each status band
  • click on the main legend color button to select all rows in that band
  • click on the chevron to move to the next row within the color band

This new functionality is added to make lighter work of processing large numbers of rows.

  • SQL Connection strings

Previously the system required you to create and select and ODBC data set name

This had drawbacks and user name and password are not always stored with some ODBC drivers.

This new functionality allows you to use SQL Server authentication, and allows us to start testing with Oracle and other ODBC drivers where a user name and password are required.

  • Validate/Send summary popup : requested wish list

As requested, we have added a summary popup after Validate and Send :

Issues Resolved

  1. There was as issue with Version 1.0.81 whereby the ODBC connection dialogue would popup more than once when configuring a Task. This caused problems in particular when creating Tasks to send data to stored procedures. This issue was reported by Partner for Windows users.
  2. The drop down box of stored procedures was excessively long, making it difficult to select items as they may be located off screen on systems with a large number of tables or procedures.
  3. The progress bar would sometimes exceed 100%.


What's Coming Next?

Interim release:

  • MySQL stored procedures
  • Oracle Support

Major Release

  • Extract data tasks
  • Edit task types.




Excel to Database


V 1.0.81

Tuesday 10th July 2012



Interim release:

Two users have reported a problem 'System clock has been set back'

Interim release 1.0.81 addresses this problem

Additionally supporting :

Visual FoxPro



Excel to Database



Thursday 28th June 2012


Stable version

Supporting :

SQL Server (tables & stored procedures)

Microsoft Access

MySQL (tables only, stored procedure compatibility to follow in version 2.0)