Used by Lawa forms 

  • as a Scanning / OCR solution (EHL Group, Braddon Snow)
  • complete debt management system (Adelstone Keane)
  • data import/processing tool 

Excel Database Tasks (EDT) can be used to validate and upload external data or entire fiels to the Partner for Windows database.

In particular EDT is designed to create tasks that integrate nicely with P4W stored procedures for example loading account slip information by batch.

Load data from any source:

  • Process numerous fiels in a folder - the lean OCR Scanning Solution
  • CSV file content
  • Excel file content
  • Windows clipboard
  • or generally any other data source.

For account transactions P4W provides a stored procedure spInsertPostingSlip, that EDT can use as a data destination.

One very useful fact is that EDT validates the data before it is finally sent, integrating easily with the Validation also included with Tikit's procedure spInsertPostingSlip.

Data can also be sent to other P4W procedures, such as sp_CreateEntity, or sp_CreateMatter, with new client data you may gather from a Web server or other source.


In addition data can be sent to certain tables, containing budget information for example.


The key benefit of using EDT for such jobs is the built in Data Validation that EDT provides, along with the ability to add any number of additional validation rules you may require.


EDT also happens to be a great Reporting and Data maintenance tool too !


If you would like some help with EDT, no problem, just drop us an email at or Contact Us online.


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Lean Software helps clients using legal case flow software 'Partner for Windows', a legal case flow package supplied by Tikit TFB in the UK.

Clients include :

AK LAW (Leeds, UK)

LCF Law (Bradford, UK)  

Braddon Snow (London, UK)

John Gaunt (Sheffield, UK) 

Shulmans Solicitors (Leeds, UK) 

Challinors solicitors (Midlands, UK) 

Tikit - Lean developed Tikit's Reporting tool (Excel Stored Queries) and their Business Logic Explorer (BLEX)