Conveyancing Workflows with Partner for Windows.

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Lean Software is developing Sale, Purchase, Remortgage and Transfer of Equity workflows, initially with the EHL Group and Bradon & Snow.

Lean Software maintains the system Copyright, in order to help multiple firms.

The development is based on Lean's Generic Awaiting Item Logic, and is designed to deliver several important aspects:

  • Partner integrated OCR Scanning Post Room Solution - automatically detecting and filing documents
  • Tracking of all documents / Awaiting Items required throughout the Workflow
  • Automatic Item chasing
  • Automatic Completion Statements
  • Management Reports
  • Perfect Portal Integration

The Purchase workflow and Lean Scanning/OCR solution is now Live at EHL Solictors, with Sale and Remortgage development in progress,

With firms working together with Lean Software we aim cut your significant costs relating to building a Conveyancing system within Partner for Windows.

Documentation is being constructed / in progress :

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