Excel + Database power

EDT offers a very easy and hassle free way of building data edit or data transfer or data processing tasks, combining the power Microsoft Excel and your chosen database system.

Edit or Process Data on mass 

EDT offers the fastest way of safely processing large data sets without having to program a specialist interface.

Data validation

The application forte is data validation, respecting all data formats and rules associated with your database.   Additional custom client and server validation can be added to each task.

Multi user

The EDT application is designed to allow you to create multi-user systems - with network shared tasks.  Tasks definitions are portable and easily shared.

No development costs

Unlike any other database front end - you can create tasks without programming and the associated software development costs.

No complexities

There are no complexities inherent with normal Excel spreadsheets as no actual spreadsheet files are ever created. 

Easy maintenance

There are no unreliable macro's to maintain and the system is secure.


At the heart of Lean software are highly skilled and experienced software engineers, with many years IT experience.  A resource you will find valuable for advice and assistance.
If you would like Analysys/Development or EDT Task build services - you can purchase development days credit online and call on our services as required.
Support up to 2 hours a week is provided free of charge.

Worldwide installations

EDT is installed and running in many businesses worldwide.  From simple to complex - there are varied uses for the software.

Please do Contact us if you would like further advice

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