Multiple tasks

EDT allows you to create multiple tasks, for use as an end user application interface or for data administration tasks.

A typical EDT installation takes advantage of task sharing capabilities by installing the EDT application to a network share.

Tasks can be organised into multiple task folders : -


  • Details and settings for each task are stored in an XML file
  • You can choose to encrypt the XML file if you wish to secure the task settings
  • Task can be placed on a network share, in one or more shared folders.
  • Task access can be restricted by NT user name or by NT group membership. 

Task Name

The task name you choose is also used as the Task XML filename.

Copy / move options are provided when you change the filename, then save the task.

You can also copy and move tasks using Windows Explorer.


Shared Task Folders

Multiple task locations can be added via the EDT Global Settings -  as shown below:

User Task Selection

Any subdirectories of the shared task location are automatically displayed in Task Explorer tree :


  • Any number of task locations can be created.
  • Tasks can easily be organised into business areas or by application name, such as 'Accounts',  or 'Parts processing'

Task Access Restrictions

Task access can be controlled by NT User name or by NT Group membership.

By default a task is accessable to all users who have access to the shared application folder.


Screenshot : NT User or NT Group restrictions can be added from the Task ‘Task File & Sharing’ tab as shown below:

Task Configuration