Perhaps this should have been Tip No.1 - but still we will cover this topic now as you will see it is easy to relocate your EDT installation - simply by moving the EDT application folder with Windows Explorer.


EDT is designed to be installed on a Network share for task sharing and publication - or on local drive for single user access.

The application is complete with network security features - allowing you to control who has access to each EDT Task - see Tip 1 - Organising EDT Task Files


Single user

For a single EDT user licence - install to the default folder C:\EDT.

You can later copy the entire folder to a network share to allow additional user access.


Network Installation

When running the EDT Setup program - select a shared Network folder for the installation. 

Alternatively - unzip the contents of the latest release zip file.

The latest version (both EDT_Setup.exe or latest zip) is always available on the downloads page, complete with release notes.

Workstation independance

EDT is workstation independent - this means that no software has to be installed on individual workstations, only a desktop shortcut is required to the main EDT program is required on each workstation.

The reason for this is to minimise system maintenance - so that only one copy of EDT needs to be maintained for your organisation.

When upgrading EDT (we inform you by email when a new release is available) simply install the new version to your existing shared EDT network folder.


Moving your EDT installation

You can simply move your EDT application folder from one location to another, from a local drive to a network drive for example.  


Can I have Multiple copies of EDT on the same Workstation?

Yes, EDT is licensed per workstation, there is no restriction on the number of installations on the same Workstation.

This allows you (for example) to have a Test EDT installation, and a Live installation in parallel.


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