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Select We have a task which contains a column that has an SQL lookup configured, so that when the user types in a value and hits enter, the SQL query (a simple SELECT statement) will fire and retrieve any matching entries from the database (so it's acting as a search). However, after checking SQL profiler, we have discovered the SELECT SQL query is firing for every row of data initially loaded into the task sheet, causing major slow-down in the initial data load (as the data can contain thousands of rows = thousands of the same SQL query being fired). This has meant that sometimes the task can take multiple hours to load. We can confirm the issue is happening in version 5.1.130. We have also tested in a previous version (3.3.175) and can confirm that issue does NOT occur in this version - the SQL query is only fired when searching for a value, as expected. 385 9/2/2021 2:23:20 PM


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