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Ticket:  589  Created: 8/14/2018 2:16 AM
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Select Hi Louise I have now developed the step as I have described below. In addition we now have a new group box in the Conveyance tab, with two new fields : Registration Status, (Not yet Sent, Sent, Returned with Errors, Returned with Requisitions, Returned Accepted ) and Registration Deadline (date). These fields are automatically set by the Registration steps. We can then MI report this easily. Thanks Lean Software 8/22/2018 5:18:29 PM
Select Hi Louise Here is a proposed solution then: Rename the Awaiting Item 'Awaiting Completion of Registration' to 'Awaiting Reply to Registration'. On taking this step question asks; Please select an Outcome: 1/Registration Successful 2/Returned with Errors 3/Requisitions(s) raised Selecting option 1 - Awaiting item set to received, this we can report with a dashboard EDT MI Report. Selecting option 2 - insert - LTR to Land Reg Corrected Registration, rename step 'REGISTRATION RETURNED WITH ERRORS', re-insert 'Awaiting Completion of Registration' Selecting option 3 - prompt for requisition deadline date, insert -'LTR to Land Reg Replies to Registration Requisitions', rename step 'REGISTRATION RETURNED WITH REQUISITIONS', Re-Insert 'Awaiting Completion of Registration' - Insert Diary date - Registration Date - MI Dashboard can report on this. Lean Software 8/21/2018 7:31:27 PM
Select we shall need a waiting task following submission of an application to the land registry to receive back confirmation of registration. we also need to consider the process where the application for registration is either (1) returned because of an error with the application or (2) a requisition is raised by the Land Registry which then must be answered before the registration can be completed - we may need to manage MI for rejections and requisitions (requisitions have a deadline date by which they must be answered before the application is rejected - there are serious implications if the application is rejected in terms of losing our priority to register - so this is very important) Louise Daniels, EHL Group 8/14/2018 2:16:25 AM


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