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Ticket:  555  Created: 7/25/2018 11:01 AM
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Select deposit money is required on a stand alone purchase, however if there is a linked sale usually the deposit received on the sale is then used for the purchase (only occasionally will we need to receive a top up deposit)- we could do with a question - (well first of all can we have a flag that specifically states the purchase file is linked to a dependent sale/or remortgage? - this is very important to ensure that when the file is ready to exchange contracts, that any linked matter is tied in - sometimes there is a linked sale but the clients are able to proceed with one or the other independently so it needs to be a two part flag 1 there is a linked matter and 2 the matter is dependent / independent.) back to the question - if we are able to identify a linked sale/remortgage then we could ask the question - there is a linked matter - do we need additional deposit money? failing which we would need to ask the question - is there a linked sale/remortgage - if yes, do we need to obtain top-up deposit money? if no then the task to receive the deposit monies can remain Louise Daniels, EHL Group 7/25/2018 11:01:34 AM


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