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Select Hi Marie I mentioned the other day that I think we need to review the actual process for processing ID – at present we have a task in the new workflow that receives the ID documents in and there is a process button but there is no action attached to that process Can you arrange for someone to send to Richard and myself a step by step process for approving ID So far we have:- 1. Starter pack sends ID form 2. Client returns completed ID form with copy documents 3. Requires documents are x1 proof of Identity (passport/driving licence) and x2 proof of address (utility bill, council tax demand, bank statement, other) I am aware that you then have some sort of process to obtain an electronic report (per the email below from Cash Protection Agency) – this for me the grey area as I don’t know if you:- • use the same company for each request or does it vary depending upon introducer? • do these electronic reports on each and every file or just high risk? • is the request by email (or by logging onto a website? o this is a process I think we can automate and include in the new workflow o and it can become a waiting step to receive a reply which will then tie in to your compliance checklist I believe there is a section in the entity screens somewhere where the ID check is registered – do you use this? If we use this we can identify when the ID is signed off as satisfactory or if it has failed – we can then include in the ID check process a system to deal with fails / supervisor exception sign offs Richard – we need to (perhaps in phase II) create, if you haven’t already, a checklist from a compliance perspective so that conveyancers and supervisors can see at a glance that a case is compliant – currently the team have a sheet of paper in their paper file which is marked with certain steps required for the file to be compliant. ID is a big part of this Louise Daniels, EHL Group 7/25/2018 9:57:06 AM


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