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Ticket:  483  Created: 6/14/2018 1:51 AM
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Select My understanding is the form FRM Giftors is inserted into the Welcome pack for the client to list the Giftors. When we receive the form back, the step PRO Giftors will write to each giftor, with letter and form for each of them to complete. Lean Software 6/14/2018 9:13:36 AM
Select hi - I notice in Document Manager list we appear to have two Gifted Deposit forms - one is called FRM Giftors and the other is called FRM Deposit Gifter - I have inserted the form into the one called FRM Deposit Gifter. unless there are two forms for giftors I think we have a duplicate form in Document Manager. Also I cannot see FRM Money Laundering ID in the Document List in Document Manager (I may have already submitted this ticket but I can't see it ) Louise Daniels, EHL Group 6/14/2018 1:51:27 AM


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