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Ticket:  400  Created: 6/29/2015 12:00 AM
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Select We found the problem and issued a service patch release as V3.3.80. Available for download : Upgrade advice : Thank you for reporting this issue. Lean Software 6/30/2015 11:07:40 AM
Select Hi the format code 000000 should work,bear with us a short while we test this. Lean Software 6/30/2015 8:06:16 AM
Select I have a column that contains employee IDs, and some of the IDs contain leading zeroes, which seem to be dropping off. I've tried Column formatting: format code 000000 and I've tried a formula: =TEXT(RC[0],"000000") but neither seems to be working. Can you help? Invesco Houston USA 6/29/2015 10:07:42 PM


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