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    Destination Database / template tab

    When you first create a task, the Database/template tab is the only tab available.

    Initially, you use it to:

    The first panel, Data destination, contains the connection string used to access the data destination. The Connection icon indicates the current status of the connection, as follows:

    • red – not connected
    • orange – the connection string has been modified since connection was made
    • green – currently connected

    With some tasks you may want the user to supply one or more parts of the connection string, for example, they may have to enter a password. To do this, you first specify a task parameter and then include it in the connection string. The user will be prompted for the value of the parameter whenever they run the task.

    You use the set of radio buttons in the Method template panel to define the action of the task.

    Once the connection and task action have been defined, you can go on to specify the remainder of the task using the other tabs.

    Maintain data destination connection

    Select the Task Method Template 

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