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    ☆ EDT - ORACLE support + Demo Videos + Task build Services

    by Lean Software on Wednesday, April 09, 2014 12:11 PM

    Lean News

    In this newsletter:

    • ORACLE now fully supported
    • New Video Demonstrations
    • Task build Services - how the service works


    EDT is now fully integrated with ORACLE - (EDT Version 2.9.325 and above) with testing completed for ORACLE 11g (using Microsoft Oracle OLE Provider).   

    We are expecting full compatibility with all other ORACLE versions as the generated SQL is non version specific.

    All tasks methods are supported:

    ·        Edit data table

    ·        Edit / Insert data table

    ·        Transfer to table from any data source (including windows clipboard)

    ·        Transfer to Stored Procedure from any data source  (including windows clipboard)

    Demonstration Videos

    We are building a demo video library on YouTube - and welcome your suggestions / requests for  particular 'how to' examples.

    Whilst the videos demonstrate a particular database, you will find the techniques are fairly generic to all currently supported databases (SQL Server, Access, MySQL, ORACLE, FoxPro), so you may pick up some tips..

    Note that videos have a music sound track with annotations - and so are designed to be viewed with muted sound in an office environment.


    Here are the currently available videos:

    How to edit ORACLE table using Microsoft Oracle OLE Driver

    How to EDIT MS Access table using 2007-2013 OLE Driver (accdb datafile)

    How to Edit MS Access table using Jet 4 or ODBC Driver (mdb datafile) 

    How to Add a Delete Row facility with ORACLE (technique can be used for any database type)

    New videos will be added soon, including data load / transfer examples and how to handle Relational Lookup data.


    Task build Services - how the service works

                We are undertaking a number of Task Design and Build projects for clients.

                How the service works 

                            Initial Email or Telephone discussion regards your requirements.

                            We ask clients to provide :

    ·        sample SQL scripts so we can emulate your SQL environment

    ·        sample source data, this might be CSV, Excel workbooks for example

    • for security any sample structures or files supplied are stored on an inaccessible Virtual Server - never on a laptop of desktop
    • all files provided will be destroyed on client satisfaction on delivery of the solution - or upon client request

    Please contact development services development@LeanSoftware.net or telephone regards your requirements  (UK) 0113 2948207. or Outside UK -  UK country code + 113 2948207 (8am - 5pm GMT)



    Lean Software Team





    ☆ EDT Advanced Schema Edition, Task build services & Consultancy

    by Lean Software on Sunday, March 30, 2014 2:48 AM

    Lean News  - EDT Advanced Schema Edition

    Greetings from Lean Software.

    As we work towards EDT Version 3 - we have released the planned advanced schema integration in this interim release (V 2.9.300).

    This being in relation to a number of clients requiring multiple schema functionality as a matter of priority.


    In this newsletter:

    • EDT 2.9.300 Advanced Schema Edition
      • Modifications in this Release
      • Issues Resolved
      • Upgrade Advice
    • Task Development Services & Consultancy
    • Client Feedback
    • EDT Version 3.0 - coming soon!

    EDT 2.9.300 Advanced Schema Edition

    Modifications in this release

    Multiple Schema Support
    New Schema Selection drop down on the task configuration data destination tab:

    New Schema Selection drop down on the task configuration data source tab:


    Extended Schema Information Extended column properties are now imported into a task definition.

    • Title : obtained from the database column Description property
    • Default Value : excel default value formula is now automatically created from the the database column Default value property
    • Mandatory : Set depending on the database column Allow Nulls property
    These extended properties are automatically imported when creating a new task, saving you time, and are offered as an optional import when configuring an existing task. All or only selected properties can be imported, as shown below :


    Additional useful features

  • Text length validation : cell entry is now automatically checked for max length compared to the database column data type:

  • Column order : when creating a new task, the initial column order is set to be the same as the underlying table or procedure

  • Data type detail: datatype text length or numeric decimal places is now displayed in the Destination configuration tab

  • System tables and procedures : are no longer displayed in either the destination or source drop down table/procedure list

  • Date handling : dates are converted to generic date format 'yyyy-mm-dd' when sending to the database

    Issues resolved 

    • 2.9.300 : Task Configuration : Corrected data type display format for Microsoft Access
    • 2.9.295 : Task Send Operation :  When an Excel formula evaluated to an empty string, the column's merge code would remain in the SQL.
    • 2.9.280 : Previous 2.9 release (2.9.137) would display an error message when pasting data into a task, this did not affect operation of the task

    Upgrade Advice

    To upgrade using the install Wizard:

    Download the wizard from the downloads page or directly from this link:


    When running the Wizard, set the installation folder to your existing EDT installation folder.

    To upgrade using the ZIP:

    Download the zip from the downloads page or directly from this link:


    Extract the zip to your existing EDT installation folder.

    EDT Development Services and Consultancy

    We have additional resource available to be able to offer clients an EDT Task Build service /  SQL stored procedure development or general consultancy.

    We work on the basis of purchasing development days, and time spent is recorded with your account, with feedback and progress reported to you when any work is undertaken.

    If you would details of this service, please contact us to discuss your requirements Development@LeanSoftware.net


    Client feedback

    There are some recent client feedback entries you may find interest :


    Please add your own feedback and experience as this is very interesting for other companies.  The feedback entry form is at the bottom of the feedback page.


    EDT Version 3.0 - coming soon!

    EDT 3.0 is in development and will provide an interface revamp with all controls moving to an Excel Ribbon bar.  Additionally  the much requested Reporting module will be released.


    Thats it for now, wishing you a fabulous day.


    Lean Software Team



    ☆ EDT 2.9.121 Upgrade advice; Release notes; Help and advice

    by Lean Software on Monday, February 10, 2014 8:43 AM

    EDT 2.9.121 Upgrade advice

    In order to upgrade to EDT 2.9.121 we recommend (on this occasion) using either the EDT_Setup.exe program or extracting the new version from the EDT download zip.

    Both upgrade options are available online on the downloads page:


    We do not recommend using the 'Automatic upgrade on program launch' for this version.

    [The reason for this is that this method does not set the program EXE files to read-only, this being required to preserve the applications digital signature]

    The automatic upgrade option can however be used once again from version 2.9.121 onwards.

    To upgrade using the install Wizard:

    Download the wizard from the downloads page or directly from this link:


    When running the Wizard, set the installation folder to your existing EDT installation folder.

    To upgrade using the ZIP:

    Download the zip from the downloads page or directly from this link:


    Extract the zip to your existing EDT installation folder.

    Release notes :

    • 2.9.108
      • When pasting data into a task that has no datasource, error may occur
    • 2.9.113
      • Minor change to address 'trails' that may be seen when moving or enlarging the task configuration form
    • 2.9.116
      • When creating a new task, error message 'Error 0 [] Line: 0 in procedure Config of Module modEDT_GlobalMethods'' may occur
    • 2.9.121
      • On upgrade. the EDT exe files were not set to read only, as required to preserve digital signature

    Help and support

    We are here to help with task design and general advice - either log a call on the helpdesk - or contact us directly:

    Online Conversations - the lean website now includes a new chat feature - click on the "Need help?" icon - top left of every page to talk to us online. This service however is subject to support staff availability.

    Log a Help Desk call http://leansoftware.net/en-us/helpdesk.aspx

    Direct Email Support@LeanSoftware.net


    Best regards

    Lean Software team



    ☆ Lean News: EDT 2.9, Online Tutorials, Roadmap

    by Lean Software on Thursday, January 30, 2014 2:21 PM

    Lean News

    Feb 2014

    In this newsletter..

    • New Online tutorials to check out
    • Version V2.9 released - recommended upgrade
    • Version V3+ roadmap
    • Feedback received

    New Online Tutorials

    This month we are concentrating on building data transfer tutorials.

    Initially we have tackled using 'direct to table' technique, next week we will focus on 'Send to Stored Procedure', followed by how-to examples for building data maintenance tasks, and indeed entire applications with EDT.

    The examples assume little or no knowledge of using EDT, so are quite detailed.   You can navigate the tutorials using the floating contents panel you will see bottom right of your browser...

    How to Validate and Import CSV data to SQL Server table

    How to Validate and Import Excel spreadsheet to SQL Server database

    How to Validate and Import from MULTIPLE Excel WORKSHEETS to SQL Server

    How to validate and Import MULTIPLE Excel WORKBOOKS with a 'Select file' prompt

    New release EDT Version 2.9.92

    Whats new?

    One-click Install or Upgrade

    2.9 Install or upgrade program "EDT_Setup.exe" is now available on the lean downloads page:


    If upgrading, simply select your existing EDT installation folder using the install wizard.

    Alternatively, you can download the EDT zip from the same page and extract files manually as with previous versions.

    'Save As.. '

    New 'Save As..' button has added to task configuration, and a new Task Location Manager - making it easier to build new tasks based on an existing task.

    URL Protocol

    EDT can  now be launched from an email or any other Hyperlink, and specifying the task to initially load.

    The task ID can be passed as a URL parameter Task ID can be found on EDT the task configuration More  tab)

    For example:


    HTML example:

    Open EDT Task XYZ

    System Command Line

    Similarly you can specify an initial task when launching EDT from a command line:

    For example:

    C:\EDT\EDT_2003.EXE /Task:6E43ED51855A4E57B5E1CF3106229802

    Extended Parameters & Task Scheduling

    We will be adding additional options to allow you to completely automate/schedule a task and be able to specify values for any Task parameters you may have defined.

    Issues resolved


    • For international users, with language pack other than UK/US a number of problems were reported. Now resolved.
    • Modifications have been made to support ACE/JET driver for loading directly from Excel workbooks - see worked examples.
    • When changing the Source connection, then refreshing the Destination object, the incorrect destination object was listed. Now resolved.
    • When an EDT drop down lookup was used, and the source only contained one row, no rows were shown. Now resolved.


    • When a Task parameter was defined as an SQL lookup, the task Load button required two clicks. Resolved.

    Version 3.0

    The following is a guide to expected versions to spring 2014, order of release is subject to client Fast-Track (purchased) development requests. 

    • Conversion to Excel Ribbon
      • All EDT buttons are moving to a new Ribbon (2007+)
      • As a result you gain:
        • More data workspace
        • Faster operation - as buttons don't have to redisplay
        • Irradiate any screen flicker 
        • Irradiate problems when running multiple copies of EDT on Windows XP as buttons do not display correctly
    • Support for SQL Server Schemas (currently auto generated SQL does not cater for SQL Schemas, the SQL has to be modified to insert schema name)
    • Support for Oracle

    Version 3.1

    • For data load tasks - Additional command line parameters to support task scheduling / automated operation

    Version 3.2

    • Report-only tasks

    We have many requests for this - the ability to create parameterised data query / report task

    Further development suggestions :

    • Tasks and sub-tasks - the ability to drill down from one from task into another task 
    • Display task parameter values on main task sheet
    • Allow record view switch/toggle - change current row so column names are listed vertically.

    Your requests

    If you have development / feature requests - please send them to us for review, requests can be Fast-Tracked on a fixed price basis.

    Feedback received

    You might like to check out the Feedback page - read comments - and add your comments too ..


    We will send out further notification next week as more online tutorials are added...

    Meanwhile please do contact us for help and support...



    Lean Software Team


    ☆ Lean news ☆ EDT 2.8.870 Special Network Edition ☆ Now In Production UK, USA, FRANCE, GERMANY

    by Lean Software on Wednesday, December 04, 2013 9:21 PM

    Lean News

    In this Newsletter from Lean Software :

    • EDT 2.8 - Now in Production at Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) and many other companies
    • Check out the new features in this very Special Edition!
    • Installation instructions / Download
    • Help and tutorials

    EDT 2.8.870 - into Production

    Huge thanks to companies involved in beta testing 2.8 over the last two months.

    After a real industry hammering – Excel Database Tasks version 2.8 is now installed in many production/live environments.

    Please ensure you are running EDT 2.8.870 or later version, details of installation / upgrade advice are included in this newsletter.

    New features in this Special Edition

    Screenshot: EDT user interface : example data edit task

    Network deployment 

    EDT 2.8 can be installed on a single Network drive in your organisation (simply extract the download zip to the desired network share location). No client/workstation installation is required at all.
    • Users simply run EDT directly from the shared network folder

    • Active Directory integration - each EDT Task can now be assigned access restrictions –by NT user name or by NT Group membership. Restrictions can be to explicitly grant or deny access to a task.

    • Simple maintenance – just one copy of EDT in your organisation – making the upgrade process very easy to manage.

    • EDT program exe’s are now code signed with an authorised digital certificate – this means the software will be trusted by Windows when being run from a shared network drive.

    Screenshot : NT User or NT Group restrictions can be added from the Task ‘More’ tab as shown below:

    Core software improvements 
    • Stability and compatibility in a wide range of environments
    • Considerable improvement in performance, even when a high degree of conditional formatting is used
    • Excel 2013 compatibility
    • Support for Excel 2007-2010 in native mode (more than 256 columns and better memory usage)
    • Progress bar rewritten to give informative feedback

    Client fast track requests 

    Drag and drop column ordering and column mapping [requested by several companies]

    Screenshot : simply drag the column name label to re-order task columns :

    Screenshot : For data transfer tasks - click the 'Map Columns' button to align source and destination columns. This example shows transferring CSV file data:

    [Note that this feature is disabled if the Source SQL is set to ‘Custom’]

    SQL Active Search [Requested by Nissan Motor Manufacturing, UK]

    Drop down lists can now be populated from a users 'part' entry search, then pressing the  'Enter' key to execute the SQL and populate the drop down list.   This feature is very useful when it would be impractical to pre-populate the list with all possible entries.

    Screenshot : to create an SQL Lookup click the Task Parameter or Destination column 'Lookup' icon:

    Here we have defined SQL that refers to the users input into a task parameter “Category”.  The SQL as you will refers to the Category task parameter merge code:

    The options 'Allow Edit', and 'Run SQL on Enter keypress' provide the mechanism to execute the SQL on demand – when the user presses the Enter key.  Here is the end result, after the user types in characters 'ea', all category names containing 'ea' are returned:

    New installation instructions 

    Simply download the EDT application, and install to a folder on your PC or on a shared network drive for task sharing.

    Upgrade instructions for Excel 2003

    Shortly after sending this email, we will activate the automatic upgrade to 2.8.

    The upgrade process (which simply overwrites the EDT exe files with the new version) will work, however in EDT 2.8 there is a new EXE file EDT_2003.exe designed for Excel 2003, but the 2.7 upgrade process will try to run EDT_32.exe on completion. EDT_32.exe is designed for Excel 2007 and above and will not run on Excel 2003.

    Therefore if you are using Excel 2003 we recommend you upgrade by downloading the EDT zip file and extracting to your existing EDT installation directory, overwriting the existing EDT application EXE’s.   

    All existing EDT 2.7 tasks files will be 100% compatible with EDT 2.8.

    Download EDT 2.8 

    Please visit the Lean software downloads page:


    Help / Tutorials 

    On the run up to Christmas we will publishing new help files and tutorial videos.


    Please contact us for help and advice.


    Best Regards

    Lean Software Team

    EDT 2.8 NETWORK Release [production version]

    by Lean Software on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 2:12 AM

    EDT 2.8 Production version has been released today!

    2.8 Download

    Software download link for EDT 2.8 release candidate :


    Excel Database Tasks (EDT) 2.8 - Special Edition - supporting Excel 2013

    by Lean Software on Monday, November 04, 2013 2:13 PM

    Great news from the Lean team ..

    Excel Database Tasks 2.8 - Special Edition (release candidate) is nowavailable and offers a far superior product than EDT version 2.7..

    You are invited to try out the new Special Edition version 2.8

    In this newsletter :

    • Extended trials
    • Download
    • EDT 2.8 - in Summary
    • EDT 2.9/3.0 Development Road Map
    • Your Feedback

    Extended trials

    All trial licences have been extended to 31st December– giving everyone the chance to try out the new Special Edition ..


    Software download link for EDT 2.8 release candidate :


    EDT 2.8 Special Edition  - in Summary


    • Supporting Excel 2003, 2007 & 2010 in native mode (supporting more than 256 columns) and now Excel 2013
    • Simple one start EXE will run the correct EDT version depending on the local version of Excel
    • Corrected issues with certain MySQL data types and improved support for Oracle (EDT 2.9 will fully support Oracle and quite possibly DB2 and Progress)


    • 2.8 has been extensively beta tested at various client sites - with positive feedback so far. 
    • Thankyou to participating clients.


    • Features such as a new progress bar with step and sub-step progress provides accurate feedback to users working with large data sets
    • EDT 2.8 now presents a very smooth and professional user interface
    • New Freeze panes button to control heading and row status column details display
    • New object refresh button within the task maintenance


    • A new SQL Search capability has been added to SQL drop-down lists (either used as a taskparameter or data column), allowing a user to populate a dropdown list with a part search or pattern match.


    • Improvement to performance - try out 2.8 and you will notice the difference!

    Simple network installation

    • EDT 2.8 can now be run from a single network installation - simply give users access to EDT on a network share and provide a shortcut to EDT_Start.EXE

    Development Road Map

    EDT 2.8 Production version - to be released after client feedback andappraisal.

    EDT 2.9

    • Improved Support for MS SQL Server schemas.    Currently if the SQL object (table or procedure) is within an SQL Server Schema the SQL has to be modified to include schema name suffix.
    • Complete support for Oracle
    • Potentially support for DB2 and Progress

    EDT 3.0

    • 'Report only /  Stored query' tasks, allowing a one way parameter driven data extract/report task.

    Your Feedback

    Your feedback is crucial to the development of EDT.

    Please send you comments to us using the helpdesk or forum :

    Forum – share your EDT 2.8 comments and general feedback


    Help desk - specific help requests:


    We look forward to hearing from you ..

    Very best regards

    Lean Software team


    EDT 2.8 Beta released

    by Lean Software on Thursday, October 10, 2013 8:58 AM



    Modifications in this release

    • New features
      • Excel 2013 :
        • Excel 2013 compatibility - very smooth interface
      • Excel 2007 & 2010 now run in native (not compatibility) mode - 
        • Running over ten times faster in many cases
        • Supports more than 256 columns 
      • Network install
        • EDT can now be run from a single network share installation
        • Workstation installation is no longer required
      • New utility 'EDT_Start' 
        • running the correct version of EDT depending in the local installation
        • available as both an EXE and a CMD script that can be modified
      • New Freeze panes button 
        • easily freeze title row, or row status column or both
        • 2.8 has very significant performance boosts - with great reports from beta testers so far
      • Issues resolved
        • When inserting a 'Work column' then clicking the work column the field list would scroll to the top
        • Some error messages may have been experienced when connecting databases in configuration form
        • On a new installation when running for the first time the default password of 'lean' is displayed

    EDT 2.7 General Production Release

    by Lean Software on Tuesday, July 09, 2013 11:46 AM

    Great news!

    After a month of exhaustive testing on many client sites EDT 2.7 beta has moved to General/Production release status.

    Huge thanks to all companies involved in beta testing, your contribution, as always, has been invaluable.

    Excel Database Tasks V2.7 beta - release

    by Lean Software on Sunday, June 09, 2013 11:00 PM

    Welcome to Excel Database Tasks 2.7 - (Release Candidate as at 10/6/2013)

    Greetings from Lean,

    In this Newsletter:

    • EDT 2.7  Release Candidate
    • New Functionality
      • Lookup columns / drop down lists
      • One click save
      • Immediate row validation
      • Active directory / NT Group permissions integration
      • Auto Filter
      • Configuration form layout improvements
      • Compact buttons and tooltips
      • Encrypted workstation settings
    • Lean help desk / feedback - new Public ticket options
    • Main Issues resolved
    • On-Line Help - new Lean web layout
    • EDT 3.0 - Road map
    • Fast Track change requets
    • Thanks to companies

    EDT 2.7  Release Candidate

    Great news - EDT 2.7 has advanced to Release Candidate stage and delivers important new functionality.

    New functionality

    • Lookup / drop down list columns :

      • Fixed List or SQL Lookup
      • Can be used for both task columns and task parameters
      • Supporting relational key/value data
      • Integrated lookup builder
      • Supports merge codes - both row and task parameter merge codes can be inserted into SQL type lookups
      • Lookup list options can be applied to a column or parameter by clicking the 'Lookup column' button 

    • One click send/save
      • New user prompt options on the 'More' tab allow you to reduce mouse clicks/confirmations during task operation.
      • Allowing 'Once click save'  is ideal for Edit Data tasks, in a time crtical / busy data processing environment
    • Immediate row validation
      • New option on the 'Batch' tab
      • Row modifications are immediately validated with the database
      • Saving a number of mouse clicks
      • Validation button is largely redundant when using this option - therefore the option 'Hide validation button' is also provided
    • Active Directory / NT integration
      • Restrict task access to NT user named or NT Groups
      • Apply Grant or Deny to any combination of user names or group names
      • Task access restrictions can be added on the 'More tab'
    • Auto Filter

      • New Filter button allows easy toggle of Auto filter On/Off
      • Auto Filter settings are remembered between toggle On/Off
      • Filter columns are highlighted
      • Filter expression is displayed above the column title
      • Filter can be applied to the row status - for example display rows in errors only
      • Clicking the left hand 'Filter Rows' button will select all the filter rows 
    • Configuration form layout improvements
      • Configuration tabs have been arranged to make better use of form resizeng - notably the data load and pre & post SQL boxes can be expanded for easier editing.
    • Compact buttons & Tooltips
      • Workstation option 'Show compact buttons' - reduces the application buttons to icons only.
      • Workstation option 'Show button tool tips' -show explanation & hints on mouse hover.
    • Workstation configuration settings file can now be encrypted 

    Issues resolved

    • Excel validation option were not being saved in version 2.5
    • When using a non trusted SQL connection, the user would be prompted multiple times for user name and password.

    Lean help desk - public tickets

    With Lean thinking minds we have modified the help desk so that support tickets can be either Public or Private.

    In addition, registered Lean members can comment on public tickets.

    We feel this is a unique and interesting approach - we have had a good deal of direct/private communication with clients of the past 12 months - which is fine - but some incredibly useful information has changed hands - information that would benefit all members.

    When creating a Help Desk ticket select 'Private' or 'Public' as appropriate.  

    Download 2.7 Release Candidate

    (Download link http://leansoftware.net/software/EDT_LatestBuild_BETA.zip)

    On-Line Help - taking shape

    The Lean site has a new left hand menu help menu structure - and you will see this being filled up with valuable information and task examples over the next few weeks.

    EDT Version 3 -road map?

    • Tasks and Sub Tasks - drill down into a sub task from a parent task, for example, customers drill down into customer bills.
    • Report tasks / Stored queries
    • Task scheduling capability - with application command line options

    Fast Track change requests

    If you would like changes to EDT sooner rather than later - please contact us to discuss your request. Fast track requests may be chargeable, quotation will be provided by Lean.

    Thanks to companies

    We wish to say special thanks to companies/individuals who have been involved with early beta testing of 2.7, your contribution is invaluable.

    Regards from us here

    Lean Software Team