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    Lean News Jan 2015

    Jan 30 2015
    Lean Software releases EDT 3.3 with new hyperlink formatting, application integration and task versioning.

    EDT V3.2.87 Service release, Feature proposals and "Did you you know?" tip No.1

    Sep 24 2014

    A courtesy note to inform you EDT service release Version 3.2.89 is now available.

    In this newsletter:

    • Issues resolved
    • New functionality proposals
    • Did you know? - Tip No.1 
    • Upgrade advice

    Issues resolved

    Possible error "Array contains non-variant type" on startup or EDT application would not start.   This has been a very difficult issue to resolve, however we believe this issue is now completely resolved as of EDT V 3.2.81

    The 'Load task files' function (on EDT startup) has been modified to improve performance when running EDT on a Network share.  We have some clients with hundreds of task files, so this will be a welcome update.

    Application Load performance improved - as the EDT application EXE is now reduced to 2MB, there is notable app load performance improvement when running EDT from a network share.

     New functionality proposals

    As you may know V3.3 will include a new command line interface, allowing scheduling of a task, plus extension of the already existing ability to launch a task from a hyperlink.

    Proposal for EDT 3.4

    To include the ability to create a cross-tabular report.

    Excel is a real powerhouse when it comes to producing cross tab reports - but creating individual spreadsheets with connections information and possibly VBA can be difficult to maintain - especially when the author moves on to another job or role.    The intention then is allow you to easily create a cross-tab report in EDT, without any programming of course - and with the bonus that  EDT reports are extremely fast and easy to maintain.

    Proposal for EDT 3.5

    To include the ability to create graph based report.   Creating graph output again can be time consuming operation, and prone of course to version issues or Excel version differences causing layout changes.  

    The proposals have been added as public Help Desk tickets - where you can add your comments or ideas of this new functionality could best work for you.


    Did you know? - Tip No.1

    We thought it would be good to give you a new tip with each update email we send out.  

    For the first tip we will look at task files, and how you can organise them for your business.


    Tip No. 1 : Organising EDT Task files


    Upgrade advice

    Download for EDT 3.2.89 service release now available online :

    V3.2 Professional Edition - Production release
    Upgrade procedure: 
    [Existing EDT tasks will be unaffected]
    1.    Backup your EDT task files and backup your EDT application folder.
    2.    Download EDT from the downloads page : you can use either the Setup program - choosing to install to your existing EDT application folder, or download the EDT zip and extract all files to your EDT application folder.
    3.    Run EDT_32.exe for Excel 32 bit, or EDT_64.exe if you have the 64 bit version of MS Office.
    4.    The upgrade is now complete 

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Lean Software Support

    ★ EDT 3.2 released - including new Print options and 3.1 problem fixes

    Sep 03 2014

    Greetings from Lean Software.

    Newsletter highlights :

    • EDT Version 3.2 released - with new Task Print options
    • Developer days can now be purchased online - services you can use by the hour.

    In this Newsletter:

    • Welcome to new clients and interesting projects
    • EDT 3.2 new features
    • EDT 3.1 problem fixes
    • EDT 3.3 development plan
    • Upgrading your license - Upgrade Calculator
    • Dedicated Analysis/Developer days - services by the hour
    • EDT 3.2 Download and Upgrade advice

    Welcome to new clients and projects

    Welcome to new clients Invesco(US) and BCA(US).

    We will be helping BCA to deliver a distributed EDT project - involving remote internet data access.

    If you would like to know how to securely connect EDT to remote (web server) data - you might like to check out this online lean workshop:

    How to connect and work with Remote Web Server Data

    EDT 3.2 new features

    • New print options including any number/combination of headers and footers, plus image/logo positioning:

    • Task sub-folders can now be created within the application folder - EDT will automatically search sub-folders and display in the task explorer tree.
    • Additional prompts - confirm on task save, confirm on exit EDT
    • Check file Write permissions before task save
    • Print icon added to 'Excel Tools' ribbon Print icon added to File menu

    EDT 3.1 problem fixes

    • Long text within wrapped cells would not be vertically justified
    • The 'Update' SQL setting was resetting back to checked on task edit
    • Ribbon was not always expanded - ribbon is now always forced expanded on application load
    • Changing the destination schema would not re-load SQL for the selected object correctly
    • Sometimes Excel would crash on EDT exit
    • Total Row count was out by 1 for Report tasks
    • Licence problems where local date format was not dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy
    • Column details would refresh twice when changing destination table or procedure

    EDT 3.3 development plan 

    EDT 3.3 will include application command line parameters - allowing you to schedule a suitable EDT task - such as data import.

    The parameters will include an alert email address - creating an email on any failure, complete with hyperlink to load and correct any task problems.

    We will also publish a help page showing you how to create a hyperlink to an EDT task to allow integration with a number systems.   Task parameters can be passed within the hyperlink or command line.


    Upgrading your license - Upgrade Calculator

    The new V3 Report type tasks present a strong business case to obtain more value and efficiency savings by deploying EDT on a network share and providing access to many users.

    There is a Upgrade calculator - available for download : http://leansoftware.net/software/edt_upgrade_calculation.xls

    The calculator will be replaced by an online page in due course.

    Please contact Office@LeanSoftware.net to arrange your license upgrade.

     Dedicated Analysis / Developer days

     Lean software additionally provide dedicated services to your company:

    • System Analysis and EDT task design
    • EDT Task development
    • SQL Server development
    • C# .NET Development
    • Office VBA Development
    • Office(VBA) development
    • P4W - Partner for Windows Development (Legal Case Management software)
    • DNN (Dot Net Nuke CMS) Development

    We run a simple system whereby Lean Software team members log any time spent in the above categories against Private Help Desk project entries for your company.

    In this way you only pay per hour for our services, as and when they are needed.

    When any team member adds a time spent entry - a short description of the activity is added, and you will receive an email as soon as the activity is logged.

    Please see the online page :

    Purchase Analysis / Developer days

    EDT 3.2 Download & Upgrade advice

    Download now available from the downloads page:

    V3.2 Professional Edition - Production release

    Upgrade procedure:
    1.    Backup your EDT V2 task files and backup your EDT application folder.
    2.    Download V3 from the downloads page : you can use either the Setup program - choosing to install to your existing EDT application folder, or download the EDT zip and extract all files to your EDT application folder.
    3.    Run EDT_32.exe for Excel 32 bit, or EDT_64.exe if you have the 64 bit version of MS Office.
    4.    The upgrade is now complete 



    Please do contact us for help and advice - either via the HelpDesk or directly - Support@LeanSoftware.net


    Wishing you a superb day.

    Lean Software team




    EDT V3 - Production Version - Upgrade Advice, Special Merge Codes, Remote Data

    Aug 06 2014

    Greetings from Lean Software.

    In this Newsletter:

    • V3 Production Release
    • How to Upgrade to EDT V3
    • Getting Started with EDT V3
    • New Special Merge codes
    • Remote Web Server data Tasks?

    V3 now in Production

    Companies are now successfully upgrading to EDT V3 - the Production ready release EDT V3.1.50 is now available to download via this link:


    How to Upgrade to EDT V3

    Please note :

    • Tasks you have created in EDT Version 2 tasks will operate as expected in Version 3, without any modification.
    • When you edit a version 2 task in version 3 however, the task will be upgraded, the upgraded task file can then not be run in EDT version 2.
    • The Excel 2003 version of EDT V3 is planned for release on Wednesday 13th August.  Currently V3 supports Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013.

    Upgrade procedure:

    1. Backup your EDT V2 task files and backup your EDT V2 application folder.
    2. Download V3 from the downloads page : you can use either the Setup program - choosing to install to your existing EDT application folder, or download the EDT zip and extract all files to your EDT application folder.
    3. Run EDT_32.exe for Excel 32 bit, or EDT_64.exe if you have the 64 bit version of MS Office.
    4. The upgrade is now complete

    Getting Started with EDT V3

    When running V3 you will see your tasks are now displayed in the new Task Explorer - far left of the Excel ribbon.

    Note that V3 will also show any tasks within sub-folders as a separate branch - just like Windows Explorer.  This allows you organise tasks into logical groups and sub-groups.  Creating a new group is as simple as creating a sub folder, then placing the relevant tasks into the sub folder. The EDT task explorer will build a tree view for you automatically.

    As a task designer click the ribbon Login option (default password is 'lean'), you will then see the Modify task and New task options.

    Within Task maintenance you will see the new blue help icons - hover over the icons for explanations and design tips.

    One the great new features of V3 is the new 'Report' task method, offering an easy way to build fast, network ready, parameterised reports. 

    You may notice when loading data that V3 is considerably faster than V2 - as a result of us developing new data validation technology.

    New Special Merge codes

    Additional Special merge codes have been added to EDT.

    Merge codes are inserted into SQL code wherever you see the Insert merge code button:

    Insert Merge Code Screenshot



    The following new codes have been added to the 'Special merge code' section:

    {XL-merge:EDT_Mode} Evaluates to 'VALIDATE' or 'SEND', depending on the EDT operation
    '{XL-merge:EDT_NTUserName}' The user's NT logon name
    '{XL-merge:EDT_NTDomain}' The current Domain name, or computer name if not within a domain
    '{XL-merge:EDT_ComputerName}' PC computer name
    '{XL-merge:EDT_WorkStationID}' A string containing hardware serial numbers
    '{XL-merge:EDT_LicenceKey}' Your companies EDT license Key
    '{XL-merge:EDT_LocalIPAddress}' The workstations Local IP address
    '{XL-merge:EDT_ExternalIPAddress}' The external IP address as assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP)

    The new merge codes are particular useful when working with remote data or when we need to identify the EDT user.

    Remote Web Server data Tasks

    Version 3 contains modifications to support Remote data tasks, that is tasks that load or edit data on a Remote Web server.

    We are building a detailed help tutorial page to show you how this can now be quite easily achieved with a web server running MS SQL Server.

    There are some important security aspects to get right - we will explain this in detail in the step by step tutorial, to be released this Friday 8th August.

     Help is at hand

    If you have any questions or need help  - please do not hesitate to contact us, either directly by email Support@LeanSoftware.net or via the lean Help Desk, or via phone for M10 and above license holders.

    We can offer remote screen sharing assistance via Skype or MS Team Viewer, or your chosen screen sharing software.


    Wishing you a superb day.



    Lean Software Team



    Celebration Time

    Jul 31 2014

    Lean News 

      Celebration time for everyone  ! 


    EDT V3.1 Professional Edition Production release candidate is now available on the downloads page:



    In this newsletter:

    • Production release candidate 3.1
    • To celebrate all Trials have been Extended
    • New Licence Keys
    • Domain licences - new Automatic Workstation Registration
    • Excel 2003 support
    • Beta test roundup details

    Production Release candidate 3.1

    We are delighted to inform you EDT V3 is now out of beta and available for download.

    Particular thanks to companies who have helped us with beta testing these past two weeks.

    To celebrate - Trials have been Extended

    If you have previously registered with Lean Software and not yet purchased an EDT licence then you will find your trial period has been extended to Wednesday 6th August.

    Simply download the V3 release - and you will be up and running and get the chance to check out an incredibly superior product - EDT V3.

    Licence Keys  

    Each EDT licence now has an associated key - you can view your licence key on the My Licences lean web page.

    Your licence key can be used to register new workstations - as an alternative to using your registration email address.

    Domain licences - Automatic Workstation Registration

    For companies holding an EDT Domain Licence (Unlimited EDT Usage within a corporate domain), a new Auto-Registration feature has been added to the MyLciences page:

    As you can see in the screen shot below, you can enable auto-registration and specify the related domain name.   Please contact us if you wish to use the software in multiple domains.

    When the EDT program is run from a network installation for the first time the user will no longer be promoted for an email address or licence key, the software will simply run.

    This considerably reduces the maintenance for domain licence holders.

    Excel 2003 Support

    V3 currently supports Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.   Support for Excel 2003 will be added in the next 2 weeks.

    Beta Roundup

    For a list of beta issues resolved - please visit the downloads page:


    We hope you join us to celebrate - EDT V3 delivers many business advantages, download today or contact us today today to start to bring user efficiency and very significant development cost savings to your company.



    Lean Software team


    EDT - V3 Reporting and Beta Roundup

    Jul 15 2014

    Greetings from Lean Software, 

    Many thanks indeed for the beta problem reports so far - please if possible could the problems be logged via the HelpDesk.

    In this newletter:

    • V3 Secure and very fast Excel Network Reporting
    • V3 Reporting performance
    • Latest V3 Beta release notes

    Secure and very fast Excel Network Reporting

    EDT V3 brings some very exciting opportunities for companies for fast data processing - but how about reporting?

    The reporting capability of V3 is something of a World first - the first truly secure and fast Excel reporting solution.

    Typically Excel is not chosen as an enterprise reporting tool - for these reasons:

    • Excel files are not secure - they can be broken into and the SQL modified.
    • Excel files are version sensitive - different versions may be emailed around the organisation without control.

    How does EDT overcome these problems?

    • EDT does not create any Excel files at all, it just uses Excel an 'Engine' to generate the report.
    • As no Excel files are ever created, the security issue has been solved.
    • EDT manages Task files or Reports on a shared network resource, typically this would be read-only to a task user, thus preventing multi-version problems.

    Reporting Speed

    In our tests a 40,000 row report will load in EDT in 2 seconds.

    What more can we say!

    Compared to an Intranet reporting tool - EDT will always win on performance - there is no browser generating lots of HTML, there is no intranet server to cause a bottleneck.

    For your interest in our next email we will provide a demo video for you showing you how to easily create a parameterised report with pre-grouping and user-sort functionality.


    V2 Beta roundup

    The following problems have been resolved and the latest beta (V3.0.889b) is now available on the downloads page.

    V3.0.898b  15-07-2014  Not loading SQL Source details correctly after save then modify (affected 889b only).  When using the Spell check tool, the worksheet was left unlocked.

    V3.0.889b  14-07-2014  Split bar betwen Report columns and Report total was not functioning. Possible error message relating to 'ArangeSQLControls'.

    V3.0.832b  11-07-2014  Custom SQL was not reloading correctly.  Sort icons too large. Destination SQL not colored black when custom.

    V3.0.825b  11-07-2014  Added report tools (Sort/Group) to Excel Tools tab. Color scheme not set correctly with Excel 2007.  Tested with German language pack. 

    V3.0.805b  10-07-2014  When a number format was applied to a column, the number format button did not show a 'green light' to indicate format applied.

    V3.0.801b  10-07-2014  Excel validation was not being applied correctly.

    V3.0.796b  10-07-2014  Column validation would still occur if the 'Include in SQL' was unchecked.  Date validation would would not allow an empty date, even though the column was not marked as mandatory.

    V3.0.793b  10-07-2014  'Include in SQL' column option not saving. Small fonts in some dialogue boxes.

    V3.0.784b  10-07-2014  SQL Builder form did not show correctly.

    V3.0.783b  09-07-2014  Initial V3 Beta release 

    Reported & Outstanding :

    Cannot drag & drop report column order


    With the help of your feedback and bug reporting, we are aiming to release the first production version of EDT V3 by Friday 25th July.


    Thanks and best regards

    Lean Software team


    EDT V3 Beta Release

    Jul 09 2014


    Great News - 

    EDT V3 Professional Edition (beta) is now available for download.

    (download from this link http://leansoftware.net/software/EDT_BetaSetup.exe)
    Please check out the software on a test database until we release the production version.

    Introducing EDT Version 3.0

    What's new summary:

        Performance - V3 is up to 100 times faster than V2
        Ribbon Interface - natural and intuitive design in line with Microsoft Excel standards
        Task Explorer - organise tasks into sub levels to any depth, explore the tasks easily with hover over task descriptions
        Reporting Module - faster reporting with easy grouping and totalling functions
        Interface Control - design your companies default scheme at a global level, modify the scheme at task level or column level
        Power tools - optionally allow tools such as Spell check and search and replace at task level
        New compatibility - new database compatibility: IBM DB2, Progress OpenEdge.  New data sources :Lotus Notes.  Operating systems :Windows 8.

    We have developed high tech methods to turbo charge the performance of EDT V3.  Typically we are seeing 3000 rows loaded and validated in 2 seconds, 40,000 rows in 10 seconds.  Performance of course is dependent on the performance of your database server / network and the complexity of task validation rules.  Reporting is faster still with 3000 rows in 2 seconds, 40,000 rows in 4 seconds.

    Ribbon Interface

    The new ribbon has two modes : User mode and Task Builder mode:

    User mode:

    Additional Task Builder options are available after clicking ribbon 'Login':


    Notice the new Global Settings Icon- where company wide settings are held - such as Task location shares, company theme and security settings.


    There is an additional Excel Tools Tab - the contents of which can be specified at task level:


    The Spelling and Search and Replace options have been specially adapted to function correctly with EDT.


    Task Explorer

    A number of companies using EDT have hundreds of EDT tasks - so a better way of displaying and organising tasks was required.

    Task Explorer multi level organisation of tasks:


    When you add a task Location (within Global Settings) EDT will automatically include all sub-folders and task files, and display in treeview like menu as shown above.

    Tasks have a new 'Description' property that can be seen when hovering over the task.

    Reporting Module


    A great deal of thought has gone into the Report  type tasks - and make best use of Excel's capability.

    Here you can see the report column options in a Group, Sum and Average type report:


    Total and sub-totals can be applied to any degree of nesting, totals can be applied to multiple columns.  All column format and conditional formatting options are available.   All Excel summary functions can be used (Sum, Avg, Number count, StdDev etc).  Integrate with Excel formula 'Default value' column to make best of use of database and Excel capability.

    Interface Control

    Elements of the EDT interface can be modified - or a scheme applied as appropriate.

    New compatibility

    Now compatible with IBM DB2 and Progress OpenEdge database systems.   OS Compatible with Windows 8.   Lotus Notes can be used as a data source.

    Participating in the Beta programme

    Please can any issues discovered be reported to the lean online Help Desk:

    When creating a help desk ticket, please mark as Public, so that other companies can see that the problem has already been reported.


    Lean Software Team


    EDT Version 3.0 : Development Update and Beta Invitation

    May 27 2014

    Development update regards Excel Database Tasks Version 3.0


    Greetings from Lean Software,

    This is a courtesy announcement from Lean Software Ltd - to inform you of development progress of EDT Version 3.0.

    New functionality / development progress:

    Conversion to Excel Fluid Ribbon : 100% complete

    Conversion of all forms to match Excel / Microsoft standards : 80% complete

    IBM DB2 compatibility 100% complete

    Progress Open-Edge compatibility 100% complete

    Report type task method / Stored Query functionality : 80% complete

    To provide some insight into EDT version 3.0, we provide some screenshots of the new development:


    The new Ribbon provides a more intuitive and productive interface to the application :

    Configuration screens

    All configuration screens now follow Microsoft Excel setup presentation, with integrated information icon hover help:

    [Task method selection]


    [Task design - Target columns]


    Beta release

    We are now expecting the first Beta release of V3 to be available in the second week of June.


    If you would like to be included as a Beta testing site - please click here to email the support team  - we will email you a download link and Beta community reporting instructions as soon as V3 is available. Your contribution is very much appreciated.


    Lean Software Team




    ☆Lean News - EDT Version 3.0

    Apr 28 2014

    Lean News

    EDT Version 3.0 will be released in Mid May 2014

    We would greatly value your feedback regards the new Ribbon interface, as shown in the below screenshots.


    V3 Ribbon: Showing Active Legend options


    V3 Ribbon: Showing Freeze options

    V3 Ribbon: Showing Insert rows options (Insert rows and Delete rows options can be enabled/disabled at task level - as with version 2.9)


    A forum post has been created where you can add comment or make requests :


    Or please contact the development team directly by email development@leansoftware.net


    EDT V3 will also include :

    • Full support for IBM DB2
    • Full support for Progress OpenEdge

    Reporting capability will now be released in version 4.0, expected toward the end of June 2014


    Look forward to listening to, and responding to your requirements.


    Best Regards

    Lean Software Team