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    GAIL Installation

    The GAIL software pack consists of two installation modules:


    This ZIP contains the necessary Partner steps, user tables and views.


    This SQL Server script creates all of necessary SQL Server procedures, functions and sets necessary permissions on these objects.


    A default Awaiting Item Partner XAML view for displaying Awaiting Item Status to the case user.



    1. Backup your Partner for Windows database


    2. Import Partner Steps and user tables

    This requires using the Partner CaseImport.EXE program, located in the APPS folder of your Partner installation.

    Run the CaseImport program and select the file GAIL.ZIP for import.

    When prompted for case Type group - Select General.


    3. GAIL SQL Script

    From SQL Server Management Studio, open the script file GAIL.SQL.

    Important :

    If your target database is not named 'Partner', change the first line of the script from USE Partner to USE <your database name>

    Execute the SQL script


    Note that the SQL script is designed for both installation or upgrade and so GAIL objects (procedures and functions) will be initially dropped if they exist.  As such the script can be run multiple times if there is problem with execution.


    4. Modify Awaiting Item View

    Copy the file AwaitingItems.XAML form to the forms location of your partner installation (usually Partner has a Forms subdirectory).

    Copy the file GAIL.jpg icon file to the icons location of your partner installation (usually Partner has an Icons subdirectory).

    From partner, load Managing partner, you should see on the right hand side under Matter level views, a new view 'Awaiting Items'.

    Set the Custom XAML form location and Icon file as appropriate:

    Set Type Restrictions to the first case type to which you intend apply GAIL to.


    If you would like help with the installation, or would like us to do it for you - please just let us know and we can arrange this for you.