Lean Software Products

EDT -   Excel Database Tasks.

  • EDT makes it easy to build multi-user, highly configurable tasks to Edit, Validate, Import, Report or Process data using Microsoft Excel as a powerful data processing application.
  • ​EDT makes it easy to harness the power of Microsoft Excel for maintenance of data stored in databases and other non-Excel repositories.
  • Easy to implement data maintenance and network reporting solution.
  • Utilise the Power of Excel by embedding pre-programmed spreadsheets that are tailored to a specific data maintenance tasks within the EDT extract / transform / load framework.
  • Use pre-programmed Excel formulas to construct computed values, validate data integrity and set default values.
  • Eliminate the need for end users to be struggling with data extraction and/or load issues, or creating their own problematic spreadsheets for editing tasks.

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Conveyancing Workflows with GAIL -   P4W Partner for Windows 

Advanced collaborative workflows - companies may struggle to create really good P4W workflows - save years of development and costs with Lean Software's pre-built Conveyancing workflows.



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FormSnips.com showcases the FormSnips software and the online version is free to use.

FormSnips provides fast form-fill using drag and drop to web or app forms with any data.  

With system integration options to pass data to your frequently used web forms.  Productive and accurate form filling.

See FormSnips.com for details - and try it out.

You can run your own private FormSnips system within your company using the Intranet Version of FormSnips available to purchase download from the link below:

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Perfect Portal - SQL Server Integration

Enables you to quickly integrate your SQL server Case Management system with Perfect Portal website.


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Partner SQL Search 

Enables you to search Partner Question & Answer data, and SQL objects.

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  • Easy to implement data processing solution 
  • Load,  Validate Edit data from ANY source
  • Load, Validate and Transfer from a ANY data source to Table or Stored Procedure
  • Edit data, using tables or procedures
  • Utilise the Power of Excel without creating any problematic spreadsheets
  • Eliminates validation problems associated with importing XLS or CSV data
  • Create Parameter driven tasks easily
  • Automated and extensive data client and server validation
  • Custom data validation
  • Tasks can be network shared for workgroup use.
  • A powerful and easy way to edit or process data for SQL ServerAccessMySQL and in theory, any database.
  • Integrate with tables or stored procedures
  • Use Excel formula to create and validate data and default values